Thursday, 11 February 2021

Never Let Others Tell You What You Cannot Do


Every year when my Birthday comes around, I wished my next Birthday would come faster. Not because I wanted the celebrations or the presents, but because I wanted to grow up faster. I wanted to be an adult. I wanted to do things without having to ask permission or to justify that I was ready. I believed that being an adult would mean people would stop telling me "you're too young" even though I knew I was ready.

As an adult, I still find myself justifying myself every time people find out how young I am. It's frustrating and very disappointing especially when people rather go with someone older even though your ideas are fresher and have a higher chance of success. But that's life and I've come to terms with it. It's also why I decided I will just prove myself with results of my own instead. 

It's also why I parent my children differently. I refuse to let "age" be a reason they are allowed to do something. It's also why I don't have a "age ruler" at home. I only have one criteria - they must feel ready. 

This picture is everything I'm proud of - LittleLim made her own dinner. She was required to peel potatoes in class and the teacher had asked us to boil the potatoes beforehand so that the children can peel the skins off with their fingers. The reason being they thought six years old was too young to handle a peeler. I asked LittleLim what she wanted - to use the peeler or not. We told her the peeler is dangerous and she could scrape her skin if she wasn't careful. LittleLim said she wanted the peeler, so we let her use the peeler. She was the only one in her class who used the peeler and did it all on her own. 

I don't care what books say or other people say about being "too young" because we're all different. Just because other six year olds can't, doesn't mean mine is the same. Just because people your age are not able to do something doesn't mean you can't. If you feel you can, then go for it. Don't let other people tell you what you cannot do. You know you best and if you feel ready, then prove it to yourself that you can. 

Young people are not lesser. I'm proof that marrying young, having children young, starting a business young is possible. My kid is proof that you can be a good gamer, chef, artist at a young age. Age is really just a number. What can you do today that others have told you you can't? If you think you can, go for it.


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