Monday, 14 September 2020

Celebrating Wins is Part Of Celebrating Life



I think somedays we don't celebrate enough. I think somedays we get too caught up in life we forget to appreciate the joy of winning. I think sometimes we look down on the small wins because we are too distracted to appreciate it in its entirety. I think somedays we feel bad for celebrating a win when the rest of the world, people, friends or family aren't. I think sometimes we just keep quiet about our wins in fear of sounding proud, arrogant or condescending. And some days, we just completely overlook the wins that happen in front of us out of denial. 

Well, I refuse. Again, call me a rebel. Call me a rule breaker. Call me an outlier. Call me a freak. Call me whatever you want to make yourself look and feel good, but I refuse to let my wins go down without any notice. I refuse to let my children's wins go unnoticed. I refuse to live a life of losses and placing wrong importances on the wrong things. 

So even when the world is quiet and bleak, I still celebrate. When the world is out for a pity party, I throw my own celebratory party. When the world wants to make me feel sad and depressed, I choose to celebrate the small wins that happen. When the world wants to smother me with the feeling of guilt, I choose to ignore that and have a heart of thankfulness. 

In our family we celebrate wins. We celebrate good grades, days that go well, good health, good sleep, a sale, a good friend, family and everything in between. In our family, we never overlook wins. We see the effort and hard work put in to win. We see winning as a blessing and favour from above and we give Him the glory for each win. We choose to celebrate wins because the world has enough sadness and darkness and I refuse to let that be all my children remembers. We choose to celebrate wins, even the little ones, because each win makes life just as much as losses do. We choose to celebrate wins because the world will hold your failures and losses over your head, so why can't the wins be just as important?

And in our family, we celebrate life. And winning is just as much as part of life and deserves to be seen, heard, appreciated, treasured and celebrated. 


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