Tuesday, 22 May 2018

More Than Just #littlelimootd Photos

So LittleLim has been going to pre-school for a year now! School is great, she loves it and we love it. We are a little bit spoiled in this area - LittleLim's school is one of the best. Good teachers, good procedures, good security and good safety processes. It was hard for anyone to come and kidnap LittleLim because of the school's procedures and pick up points. Yes, Hubbycat made sure that location was just as important factor when choosing a pre-school for LittleLim. Naturally, I didn't have any fears of anything unbecoming coming towards LittleLim. That is until one evening, after talking to Hubbycat, I realised how unprepared I am if anything happened to LittleLim. 

While nothing could happen in the school compound, anything could happen outside of school. Outside when we're walking towards our car. Outside when we go for lunch after school. What if something happened to LittleLim? What if someone took LittleLim? Am I prepared? That's when I realised that I would have failed the first instance Police asked me questions. What is she wearing? How tall is she? What does she look like? 

The best way I realised is to have photos of her. Current photos and with modern technology, you can get REAL DAY photos. Which is why every morning before I walk in to school, I take a photo of LittleLim. Regardless if we are late or in a rush, regardless if people are waiting for me, regardless if I have an audience - I snap a photo. That way, I would be able to give informed answers and the Police would have a current up-to-date photo as a reference. On top of that, every month I write her weight and height in a piece of paper and place it in my wallet.

Sometimes I do feel like a super paranoid mom, but I also believe it's better to be paranoid and prepared than not at all. On top of that, I tell LittleLim to always note her surroundings whenever we are out. Observe people, observe things, observe your surroundings and if anything feels out of place, let us know. Sometimes we make a game out of it with "I Spy" and sometimes she tells me things that slipped my observation. 

Of course, now that I have a months worth of pictures in my phone, it's nice to look back at all the outfits she's worn this month and in the long run, I would be able to notice her growth on film. Sometimes I hate that I have to prepare for these things but I realised that regardless how "safe" it maybe, it never hurts to be prepared. 


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