Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Ini Malaysiaku

"This is my Malaysia". Sometimes it's so hard to focus on the good of this country. I won't lie that there are times where I just prefer to live in my perfect world and hide away from the ugliness that tries to penetrate my defence shield. It's hard when words such as corruption, crime, cronyism and and "masalah masyarakat" is heard everyday. Ask any citizen and they will have a thing or two to say about what is wrong with the country. I won't lie that there are times where I feel like Thanos (sorry, I just watched Avengers so I'm going to be using this as an analogy) and feel like this country does need a "wipe out". Whether harsh or ethical, it's besides the point after all I betcha Thanos doesn't care either. 

But in moments of fighting between which part is better suited, which is the lesser evil, which is the safer choice and all that - you see humanity rise up. You see people holding on to each other and helping each other. As I was going to vote, I saw people, like myself stepping up above their call of duty. No barriers of race, religion or party they support. No barriers of who is better and who is not. Just human beings trying to help smooth processes. 

I mean no one really knows which party or who you've voted for. No one. So to see human beings treat other human beings with respect and dignity, coming together to make things work and all with the same agenda - a better Malaysia. That's the Malaysia I know and want. 

The Malaysia I know was what I saw today as I cast my votes. People helping each other, people being civil and polite, people stepping up above their call of duty to get things done and to make life easier for others even if it means they have to sacrifice something of their own and people who have no other intentions other than helping a fellow citizen out. 

Inilah Malaysiaku. Malaysiaku yang saling memahami, saling tolong-menolong dan saling menghormati satu sama lain. 

Because the fight isn't over regardless of which party wins. The fight has barely begun. Trust me that no matter who wins, there is still a lot more to do. There is no "my country your country. There is only, our country. 

Our Country, Malaysia.


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