Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Onion Plant called "Onion"

I'm envious of LittleLim. I wished my kindie was as cool as hers. I wished my teachers were as amazing as hers. I wished my parents had put me in a Montessori School, not just any Montessori school, but more specifically HER Montessori School. Lol. Her school is amazing on so many levels. From the amazing teachers right down to the infrastructure of the school - everything is just on point. 

Every term, LittleLim's school has a theme where they do activities around the theme. This term, the theme is "A Sustainable World" where the kids learn about the environment, nature and how to preserve the world. Such a meaningful theme and one I believe is never too early to be introduced. Among the many projects that is being organised, the latest one involved us parents as well. We parents were invited to help our kids out to grow onions to teach our kids the circle of life as well as the responsibility of keeping something alive. 

We were asked to bring "pots" recycled from empty bottles / milk cartons and then decorated them. LittleLim had a lot of fun bossing me around. "Draw clouds mommy!" "Draw grass!" "Mommy, I want to scribble!" "Mommy pass the stickers!" "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" and I was all "Yes miss bossy pants. Sure!" *rolls eyes* Such a mini me this one, definitely inherited the my bossy attitude. But we make a good team! So proud of our little masterpiece. LittleLim was extremely pleased with it! She kept asking to hold it and kept reminding me to show it to her homeroom aunty. Such a showoff *laughs*. 

That morning, we were introduced to the materials to plant onions. There were dried coconut shreds, soil, sand and of course onions! It was so educational because up until that point, I had no idea how to plant onions. Definitely not a green thumb here. I mean, planting, what is that?! Can eat one ah? (shhh, I already killed 3 plants back home *gulp*. I'm so thankful I'm not required to keep this plant alive.) We were asked to layer the material in that order and LittleLim did an amazing job. I could not help but wonder when did my baby grow up. She handled the scoop and everything so well without spilling anything. Not only that, she followed the instructions so well without any talk back or "no"! It was as if she was a completely different person in school compared to at home. School, I love you! I also noticed that she has inherited my perfectionism. She made sure everything was layered perfectly and she chose exactly TWO onions because it's a pair, and she made sure both onions are perfect size. 

After she was satisfied with her work, we headed out to the garden to put her little plant with the rest. The amount of effort the aunties put in is so commendable! They had turn the playground into a garden with wooden structures where the children's plants will later be hung on. Did I mention how I wished I was in LittleLim's school when I was younger? 

After putting her plant down, I asked her "What shall we name your onion plant?" She looked at me and answered, "Mommmyyy, ONION! Silly mommy?!" 

So there we go, an onion plant named Onion. Don't ask silly questions ok. *laughs*


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