Tuesday, 10 April 2018


My darling daughter, the other day you were telling me a story you made up on the spot. It was such a creative and funny story about a princess, a pig, a sword fight and a lot of food. I was so amazed at how much you were absorbed into the storytelling that you were so unfiltered, so animated and so raw. I couldn't help but quickly grab the camera and started snapping you. Of course, you noticed it later and got annoyed because I wasn't paying attention, but looking at these pictures of you, so worth it!

My darling, you've grown so much. As I listened to you go on about your princess, a story which you completely made up yourself without any help, I am so amazed at your creativity and the ability to imagine such a fun and exciting adventure. My wish is that you never lose your ability to create stories. It will bring you far in life especially when things get hard and you need an escape. 

Your spontaneity always leaves me in wonder and it always brightens my day. I always look forward to the stories you will tell me and if you let me, I'll never stop listening to your stories. One day, the tables will turn and I will be reading posts about me from you. 


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