Tuesday, 30 January 2018

LittleLim's Birthday Walk - A Montessori Birthday Celebration

"Mrs Lim, would you be doing LittleLim's Birthday Walk this year?" I won't lie, the first question I uttered was "WHAT IS A BIRTHDAY WALK?!!!" hahahahahaha! I soon learnt it's a Montessori tradition where the life of the child is celebrated along with all their achievements and successes they have managed to accomplish in their years of living. I loved that. I did not like the "homework" that came with it, but I did like the tradition. By homework I meant preparing photographs and presentation cards for show and tell and preparing party packs for LittleLim's friends. Kids these days are so blessed! When I was this age, a party pack would consists of a toy whistle or party blower, Mamee and a pencil. Today it's PlayDoh, Staedtler Color Pencils, Usborne activity books and Peppa Pig cookies. 

We arrived and was ushered to LittleLim's class on the day. She was in the middle of an activity when we entered her class. She was a bit confused at before bursting into a happy grin. "Mommy!" "Daddy!" she shouted and then became all shy when she realised her friends were in class too. It was the cutest little reaction and also the saddest. She's going to tell me to not walk her to school soon *cries blood*.

Then it was my turn to give the presentation. I think I aced it :P That was before the animals stole my limelight. I mean hello, I'm definitely more interesting than Montycat. I have toys! He only has fur, a tail and whiskers -.- Seriously! But I got them back with cake! Hah! I have cake! 

Cake cutting was a success. LittleLim managed to blow out her candle for the first time. For the past two years we blew it out for her, so this year she finally understood the concept (of course we practiced with her a few days before the actual thing). Oh, I must tell the story of her cake. I was stumped when I found out LittleLim had wanted a "Paw Patrol Birthday Cake" and that she had told her teachers and friends she was going to have it for her Birthday Walk. SERIOUSLY my kid is trying to make my life difficult. 

It was 2 weeks before the party, note to future parents, never have your kid in January. You're fighting with bakers who are booked out because of New Year's, Chinese New Year and Weddings. Have your kid in April or September. I couldn't find any bakers and the ones that could do it would meant I had to sell of my kidney in the black market. I mean I wasn't going to pay RM500 for a cake for 23 toddlers. So there goes that idea. Then I realised heck, she's three not twenty-three. She wouldn't know the difference between a fondant Chase or a plastic Chase (for non-parents, Chase is one of the characters in Paw Patrol. I've memorised all their names okay! *blows fingernails*) so I did the cheapest alternative, I went to Lazada and bought some fake Paw Patrol (I know I'm such a cheapo) and stuck them on to a fruit cake (fruit cake because LittleLim's school has the strictest rules on cake - no ice-cream, little icing, gluten free if possible... i know right, kids these days!) and called it a day. 

Well my cheap cake was well received. LittleLim beamed with pride and her friends LOVED the cake! Twenty-three kids going Chase! Marshall! Skye! Paw Patrol! was quite a sight! It made me happy to see everyone happy especially LittleLim who was beaming with pride! We sang her the Birthday Song, cut the cake, take some photos and gave out party packs before we were nicely asked to leave. 

I realised three things that day : 

1. Kids have the shortest attention spans! I ditched my long speech and condensed it to 5 minutes which basically was reading captions of the photographs. Kids ain't got time for long grandma stories when cake is involved. 

2. LittleLim loves her baby brother. She was more proud of him being there than us being there. SERIOUSLY. She never let him out of her sight. She stood beside him the whole time and whenever her friends came near, she possessively put her hand on his head. As a mother, I cannot be more proud of these two siblings.

3. I hate public speaking. HATE. Speaking to twenty-three 3-year-olds got me sweating and stuttering for the first few minutes. Seriously it's nerve wrecking guys! The next time, I'm getting the husband to do it. 

And just like that, "LittleLim orbits around the sun three times". Three! Soon she'll be twenty-three and I'm going to be preparing a wedding speech (that's the age I got married). Gah, I can't take how fast they're growing. SERIOUSLY. Can't they just stay small forever?!!! 

That's our first Birthday Walk. Gotta say that while it was fun going through LittleLim's photos and laughing about how she looked like a little marshmallow.... I'm so glad BabyJ is born in June because June is term break and it means I don't have to do this again. Stage fright is serious. 


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