Monday, 8 January 2018

LittleLim First Day Of School 2018

I couldn't sleep the night before, running through checklists in my head. Does she have her water bottle? Does she have extra clothes? Did I put her comfort bunny in her school bag? While mommy is stressing out on the first day of school, the girl who is returning to school snores away oblivious to the over worried mommy. Of course, that extra kaw cup of Old Town White Coffee didn't help.

Eventually I did get some 3 hour sleep and bounced right out of bed at 7.30am. I was definitely more excited of LittleLim's first day than she was, anticipating the next 4 hours kid free. "Gooooooood morning Sunshine!" I sang as I nudged Sleeping Beauty out of bed. Groggily she opened one eye and flopped back under the covers. Such a morning person this one *roll eyes*

Milo and crackers. That's what LittleLim had that morning for brekkie. Soon the excitement crept in and she was bouncing out the door like a champ. I had to capture this photo, the moment my baby girl isn't a helpless toddler anymore but a young girl heading to school. Carrying her own bag and walking on her own.

I turned to Hubbycat and saw the same expression I had on his face. I understood. Our girl has grown up into a fine independent young lady. A part of us still in denial of that fact.

"Come on Mommy! Come on Daddy!" she screams as she runs into the lift. Ah, first day of school.

My darling, as you head in to school for the first time this year, new class, new teachers, new friends always remember our words:

1. Be kind to everyone. Even the ones who are a little bit weird and unfriendly. Be kind to your teachers and even Uncle Guard. Be kind.

2. Have fun learning. It's not about the grades or how you compare with everyone else. Mommy and daddy don't focus on those things but on your journey. Try your best, always participate, ask questions, keep learning, be open to new things and opinions and find yourself.

3. Always be you. Be confident and never limit yourself. Remember my saying "you can do it!" and always be your own cheerleader!

We love you always.


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