Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The Two Kids

Wow. 12 more days and we close 2017. In some ways I regret not writing here more. I regret not documenting my #momlife and the amazing moments that happened in 2017. I regret that I did not update this space on the two lives that has changed mine. Some part of me convinced myself that no one wanted to read about these things and that no one cares what BabyJ has accomplished or what LittleLim is going through or what mom life is for me, so I stopped writing about us forgetting that the reason I created this space was for me. But I know that life is best lived without regrets and so, I will try to to make up for the mistake I have made and try to recap on what has been happening with us. 

Today, I begin with the two kids that run our lives.


This year LittleLim started her journey into toddlerhood. The first few months of her turning two was very pivotal for me as it dawned on me that my daughter isn't a baby anymore who doesn't know better. She's now a toddler who thinks she knows better but really doesn't. Each passing month, I see her personality and character make its way out. Sometimes it scares me that she's so much like me because my parents did NOT have it easy. "Mini Ally" is one we use in endearment and fear. Today she's stubborn, decisive, independent, determined, rebellious, creative, loving and not shy.

I still remember her first day of school in May2017. While Hubbycat and I were worrying about her adjusting to her new environment, she walked past the school doors without looking back. No tears. No drama. The following months, I would be told that my daughter is very independent, noisy, bossy and easily adapts to the changes around her. In school she has picked up many skills, talking being the first. She started with pointing and today communicates what she wants fluently. Other skills include learning her alphabets and numbers, singing, dancing and life skills. Some of the positive changes is learning to work with others, manners, habits such as cleaning up and meal time etiquettes, as well as having a routine. School definitely was a great decisions and we're so proud of LittleLim for doing so well. As the year ends, we looked through her crafts, worksheets and reports with a lot of joy, pride and love. 

Another major moment this year was LittleLim developing a mild Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) in October2017. That was something I was not prepared for and it broke my heart when I saw LittleLim suffering from mouth ulcers. How I would have done anything to take her place and suffer for her. Again, she showed her resilience and strength. Not one to be beaten this little girl. 

Travelling has also been more interesting with LittleLim this year as she able to comprehend the things happening around her and making sense of what's going on. She fully emerges herself in the moments. Till today she talks about her travel experiences and asks me when the next holiday will be. Definitely bitten by the travel bug. 

As of June2017, she became a big sister. I was afraid that she would feel threatened by the arrival of BabyJ, but again, I was proven wrong. She is an amazing big sister - protective, kind, loving. My father loves to tell the story where she would not let him or anyone else touch her little brother because she was protecting him. That's LittleLim. She tells me to "feed didi" when he cries or when he's asleep she would tell everybody to "keep quiet! didi sleeping!". Of course, didi isn't stealing her toys now... so we'll see what happens when that happens. 

In more ways than one, LittleLim has been my companion. Whenever possible, I'd make it a choice to have her with me. Whether it's a meeting that's kid friendly, grocery shopping or just using my computer - I love having her by my side. She is amazing at keeping me company. She tells me stories and talks about her day. Sometimes she gets confused between what really happened yesterday with today, or what is video and what is real life - but she tries. I love that. 

Most of all, I'm so happy LittleLim knows how loved she is. There is no ounce of fear in this little girl. Her spirit is strong and her affection is limitless. Sometimes she just bursts into a fit of laughs, kisses and hugs. Sometimes she shouts "I LOVE YOU!" randomly. These moments make my heart swell and if there's one thing I want her to know, is that - LOVE. 


BabyJ. Somedays like today, I can't believe that my second child turns 6 months tomorrow. I'm in denial because didn't I just gave birth? Where did that one winky eye baby go? How is it that he is so long, so heavy, so handsome (I'm so biased) already? Some days I wished I had more time with BabyJ. More time to appreciate him, to be fully involved with his growth and to be completely present for each moment. But this time, with LittleLim and more responsibilities, it has been hard. But for the moments I was able to be around, I have watched my son grow. 

In terms of baby behaviour, he is the opposite of LittleLim. He's mostly zen. He isn't easily flustered and is easy to handle. He sleeps like a pro since birth with sleeping through the night by the 3rd week. He has been able to self soothe himself back to bed and does not require any rocking to sleep at all. I could never imagine what it would be like until it happened because till today, I'm still rocking LittleLim to sleep. 

With BabyJ, Hubbycat and I were more prepared and more experienced. That helped as we did not make the same "mistakes" we did with LittleLim. We allowed him to cry without rushing in to rescue him, we made him use the pacifier and the bottle in tandem with direct latching, he had to use the pram because LittleLim would demand to be carried and in turn, he loves the pram and is able to even fall asleep in it and most of all, we allowed him to be by himself without always being carried.

In terms of development, BabyJ is much faster. At 4 months he mastered the "roll" both ways. At 5 months, he started showing signs of sitting. As of today he can "tripod" himself. It still feels surreal to me that in a few days time, I would be preparing and giving him his first taste of solid food at 6 months. As of today, I'm still unsure if I'm going to be BLW with BabyJ or feeding him as I did with LittleLim. We'll cross that bridge when it comes. 

And with that concludes my little round up with LittleLim and BabyJ. The two bosses. Life is definitely more fun, crazy and loving with them. 

Next year I will be more diligent with updating!

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