Saturday, 9 September 2017


Recently we've been noticing a change in the way LittleLim plays. It's more sophisticated, creative and imaginative. The other day Hubbycat was telling me how watching LittleLim play reminded him of how carefree and limitless play is. How there are no barriers other than how far their minds can go, how there are no rules, no limitations and no need for fancy schmancy toys. I nodded in agreement. 

At 29 years old, I'm both proud and ashamed to admit that I love play. Hubbycat calls me a child in an adult body. I too love playing dress up and make believe. I have always loved it as a child stealing my mom's heels and scarves to make my own clothes to today stealing LittleLim's toys to go on "adventures". It was also how Stickgirl came into existence and how she was my friend for all these adventures I conjured up in my head.

I'm noticing LittleLim taking on this love of mine and I have never felt happier because I get to relive my childhood and show her what the power of imagination can create. Also, I won't get weird looks when I tell people I love playtime now.... right? The other day I brought out my Lego Friends set and LittleLim peered over my shoulder curiously. She picked up a minifig and started "shopping". Excitedly, I too joined in with another minifig and for 15 minutes we were role playing. I had so much fun and I'm sure LittleLim did as well. Her ability to role play and imagine impressed me! No longer did she see her toys as one dimensional. 

More impressive is when she combines both imagination and creativity in her play. I leave LittleLim's toys and art materials in the living room where she can have easy access to. We encourage her to play with her toys and draw whenever she wants because Hubbycat and I believe in independent play. While I love to play with her, sometimes I don't have the luxury to. Also, I find that she has more ownership over her toys and herself when she gets to decide when and how to play. On top of that, she gets to mix and play with the materials and toys creating new toys for herself. 

Crayons can become roads and buildings, blocks can become cakes and ice cubes for coffee, Lego can be made into farm yards, transportation and so on. The other day LittleLim proudly came up to me and shouted "Spaceship!" I looked at her spaceship because Hubbycat and I had not bought LittleLim any spaceships. What I saw amazed me because for a 27 month old to come up with a spaceship combining materials was just wow. At 27 months I didn't even know what spaceships were let alone create one. LittleLim did and had taken one of her toy cars, opened the doors and took two crayons, put one in each door to make wings! I would have never thought of it that way but she did!

Since then we encourage her to tinkle and play with different materials. We even give her "trash" just to see her create something magical. We hand her used boxes, empty sweet containers, toilet paper rolls, newspapers, empty water bottles to get her to use her creativity. She loves it and so do I! Watching her use that muscle most of us has forgotten about. I love this stage, it reminds me that a child really sees the world so differently. So unbarred and free. I never want her to lose that part of her just as I try to hold on to mine, I want her to hold on to hers. 


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