Thursday, 28 September 2017


Fun can be found all around. Fun is not a numbers game. Fun is not the 100 parts you need to assemble to make one toy unless that's your thing. Fun is not the many toy options available. Fun can be one piece, two pieces or in some cases four pieces - two light up "friends", one giant bubble bee and a red pail- and a whole pool of water.

I am always amazed at how LittleLim can have fun anywhere and at any time. The stories her imagination and mind can conjure up blows me away. From throwing her two friends into the water and then pretending to be a lifeguard to "save" them. When did she even know what a "lifeguard" is? She pretends to go "fishing" with her red pail and later turn it into a pot to make soup. When she screams "muddy puddles" and jumps into the water. So simple but so much fun. The way so laughs so freely. 

The child was made to play. Play play play because it is through this play they learn to master their body and their environment, through this play they strengthen their ability to imagine, through this play they reinforce everything they have learnt and understand, and through this play they learn order. The child's mind is amazing. There is no need for many interactive things nor fancy gadgets. They make fun out of the simple things. If we let them.

LittleLim again taught me to enjoy simplicity. She taught me to create stories again. She taught me to laugh. She taught me to play again. 


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