Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Back in March 2017 we went to Perth for 7 days and 6 nights. I was about five months pregnant then but I was determined to travel as much as I could before I popped and travel I did! I can't remember much of the places we visited in Perth but I do remember having a lovely time.

Being back in Australia brought back many fond memories of my Australian life as a student. Things like the really amazing fresh produce which then translates to delicious dishes that can only be found in Australia, Coles and Woolworths where I spent a lot of time at during my student years, the distinctive smell of summer, lemon lime bitters which is my favourite Aussie drink, Woolworths AUD10 roast chicken, Hoggies (Hog's Breath) steak and of course backyard barbies (barbecues). Of course being back in Australia meant that I had to have Hubbycat barbecue lamb and grill garlic prawns just for old time sake. Still as yummy as I remember it to be. 

It has been many years since my last visit to Perth that so much has changed when we were there. We found it to be a very family friendly place with plenty to do especially with kids. Perth being 5 hours away from KL without any time differences makes it an ideal place to travel to with kids! I'm so glad I got to share this trip with LittleLim and now that she's 2 years old she understands and absorbs things so much more. Observing her grow and develop from the exposure of this trip was so worth it. One of the highlights of this trip was taking the drive out to Swan Valley where we got to enjoy what Australia is famous for - wines (although I have to say Adelaide still has the best wines for me) and fresh produce such as honey, nuts and chocolate. The unplanned visit to Mandoon Estate where we had lunch and were blown away by the food was the cherry on top of an already glorious cake.

While most of the food we had in Perth was yums, another one the more memorable places for me was Bread in Common. I loved the menu which beautifully reflected the greatness of Australian produce without all the fancy frills. I also loved the ambiance of the place which well represented the Australian cafe culture. 

One of my many favourite moments was when we followed a family friend to Wannanup where LittleLim had a lovely time running up and down the jetty, playing among boats and waving to dogs. I had a wonderful time following her with my camera just taking photos of her having fun. We also had fun exploring the city at night on our last day. We enjoyed the cool summer breeze and the sights while having our burger dinner on a park bench. So simple but so memorable. 

Writing this post has awakened my memories. I am so glad we made this trip as it was our last  international holiday as a family of three. 

I've listed some of my favourite places and activities that I think you should do if you ever happen to be in Perth.

1. Shopping : Watertown Outlet Shopping for the best bargains
2. Eat & Visit : Swan Valley - Mandoon Estate, Morrish Nuts, Swan Valley Honey & The Cheese Barrel
3. Visit : Caversham Wildlife Park & Whitman Park (Free water playground)
4. Visit : Freemantle Markets 
5. Eat : Mandoon Estate 
6. Eat : Bread In Common 
7. Play : King's Park



  1. How's LittleLim coping with western food? Was she totally fine with them?

    1. Hi Yeehuai! Yeah she's ok with western food as we eat both western and asian food at home. She eats most food except for bread and soups haha.