Saturday, 1 April 2017

To Pre-School We Go! One Month Countdown Begins.

All the feelings!

The truth is I can't let go. On the outside I'm an overjoyed mama excited that her little tiny baby girl is now a happy healthy eager two year old who is going off to Pre-school. BUT on the inside, oh the inside, I'm a mama who wonders where all the time went, how did we survive TWO AND A HALF years, when did she grow up to be this beautiful and smart, and how on earth does a parent go through this transition? Transition - that's the perfect word to describe what all this is.

No amount of time will prepare you for the first day. That's what I'm learning as the day draws closer. Hubbycat and I had slightly over a year to prepare ourselves (because I AM that Kiasu mom who paid the deposit to reserve a space for her child one year in advance) and what felt like a whole lot of time suddenly feels too short. We even considered deferring another term but of course we couldn't do that to her. While we may not be ready, she is

Oh, so ready, she is. She has grown into this little girl who is ready for this next phase in her life. She asks the "why?" "where?" and "who?" questions very frequently - a good sign of her trying to grasp understanding of the world around her. She easily mixes with other children her age - a good sign that she's socially matured enough to interact with other children. She doesn't need mommy and daddy around so much - a clear sign of her independence. So yes, the signs are there that sending her to pre-school will be more beneficial for her than not. 

So with heavy hearts, we prepare for the day. One month left. One month before she starts school for the next 20 years of her life. One month before she will start telling me "but Aunty so-so said so". One more month before she morphs into a child with much more understanding and character. Oh, excuse me while I cry a bit (dramamama!) 

AND If you think I'm bad, wait till you see the daddy (lol!) I bet you, he will be the one crying first and not wanting to leave while his 8month pregnant wife drags him out of the gate. Now that is a sight to behold. 


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