Thursday, 23 March 2017

LittleLimLookbook #9 : Sail Away With Me

It's been such a long time since LittleLim and I did a LittleLimLookbook photoshoot / styling, but everything in the planet aligned one lovely afternoon in Perth. By everything I literally mean everything. From the unplanned visit to the Wannanup Marina which gave the perfect setting for her little boat jacquard dress to shine, the beautiful not too hot summer weather with the perfect lighting and the best mood a sick toddler can have. I couldn't ask for more, got down on my knees armed with only my iPhone and snapped away while LittleLim ran around happily exploring the docks playing among boats and waving to the lovely people enjoying the sun in their boats sipping on their champagne enjoying the summer sun and air. The life I wish for one day (work hard Hubbycat! lol). 

My favourite memory of this was how the best things in life doesn't always happen planned. And how beautiful childhood looks like unbounded. The bravery that come from not knowing the dangers of the world. How the sea is a scary place, how people aren't always friendly, how dogs don't always give you slobbery kisses... for now, I want LittleLim to live like this and let her mommy and daddy worry for her. For now I just want her to be free. 


LittleLimOOTD #9
Boat print Jacquard Dress: Zara Kids
Tan Leather Sandals: Zara Kids

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