Friday, 24 February 2017

Maybe I Should Throw A Tantrum

She used to look so baby-like! She has changed so much since this picture.
But one thing sure hasn't changed, her hatred for sleep -.-
If anything it's getting worse *curls fists*

Everything is going well. She's playing at her little table with her little make believe kitchen set. All's good. Then it's bed time. Oh the time I dread the most because for the past month, bedtimes has been filled with plenty of tears , screams, wide mouth "waaaahhhhh" crying I thought was only possible in animes and a lot of frustration. I have never met anyone who hated sleep so much until I had this child of mine. And they say kids sleep alot. Clearly not this kid *rolls eyes*. 

You know those videos of babies and toddlers falling asleep while halfway eating or singing or playing... well I'm still waiting for my turn. This kid here never sleeps... willingly anyway. It's always a lot of negotiating, pleading and when everything fails I turn to my most trusted method of counting down and walking out. The screams are horrendous and it makes me look like such a bad cop but it works. Usually by then she would be so exhausted by all the crying she'll just sleep. Not my favourite method but I'm desperate. 

The other day as she was crying and refusing to sleep, throwing the mother of all tantrums I wondered, what would happen if I threw the tantrum. What a sight that would be but for that split second of irrationality I wanted to throw a mega tantrum. I was frustrated, tired, annoyed, irritated and just had enough of all this. Whatever this is. 

Honestly there's no real point to this post. I just thought I'd write it down and share with you a bit of what I go through on a daily basis. So yes, what's new with this mommy? Oh, you know, just more crises that needs solving / managing / figuring out. Never a dull moment. It's just that this mama is weak and right now I'm praying for this phase to end. Hopefully soon because one of these days the husband is going to find me throwing the tantrum. 

In the meantime, anyone has any tips to share about getting stubborn two year olds to sleep willingly? Or is it normal for two year olds to NOT want to sleep -.-


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