Thursday, 16 February 2017

Dear Husband, Today I Saw You

Dear Husband, 

Today I saw you. 

I saw you sleeping at 10.30PM because you were more tired than usual. I won't lie, I was a bit disappointed because we had great plans tonight after the little one went to bed. We were supposed to stay up, eat supper and watch an episode of Gotham. Instead, I was lying in bed because our daughter has gotten extra clingy with me this week with you snoring beside me. I wanted to be upset but then I saw you. I saw you and I felt horrible. What a selfish wife you have. 

I saw you. Today I saw you sleeping and realised you look older. I saw the frown lines between your brows that our daughter has inherited, it has grown deeper. I saw how your skin isn't as bright as it used to be. I saw the signs of tiredness that I have missed during the day. That's when I realised that you have it tough. And then I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. 

I feel like the luckiest woman because all this while you are quietly making big sacrifices so that I can have a good life. And you do it so selflessly, without complaining, without whining, without expecting anything in return. You shield me from all the worries in life so that I can be me. You protect me from all the toughness of the world so that I can live freely. You give everything and make the hard sacrifices so that I don't have to think so hard, work so hard, worry so hard. You go the extra mile so that I can have a good life, a great life, an undeserving life. You put in so much and yet you demand so little. 

Today I saw you. I saw all the times you were quietly working in the background. Putting in extra effort at work and then coming home and being 100% available to our daughter and I. You come home with a big smile even if you had a bad day. It doesn't matter how busy you are at work, you still go the extra mile to remind me how much I'm loved with surprises and love. No matter how tired you are, you still spend time with us, listen to us and entertain us. 

Dear Husband, 

Today I saw you. 

And I'm so thankful for you. I'm so thankful for everything you've given us. I'm so thankful that you make an effort to be a great husband and an even greater daddy. I'm so thankful for all the small and big sacrifices you have made to give us the life we have today. I am so thankful for your friendship, your company, your time, your love - you. I am so thankful that you always want to be present in our lives, you want to know everything and you want to be involved. I am so thankful that you always want to spoil your "queen" and "princess". I'm so thankful that you still believe in and go all out for grand romantic gestures even after SEVEN years of being together. I am so thankful that you never hold a grudge against my mistakes, never compare and take count of things, never expect anything in return, and most of all, still want and choose to be with me even with all my flaws and failures. 

Today I saw you and I realised that while on the outside you have changed, your love for me hasn't. You have always shown me how treasured I am, how valued I am and how loved I am.
Husbands and daddies definitely don't get enough credit and I want you and the world to know that you're an amazing husband and daddy. I am so blessed to be your wife. 

I love you so much. 
Today I saw you and I fell in love with you all over again.
Tomorrow ask me for anything ;) 

Your Wife.

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