Wednesday, 25 January 2017

LittleLim's Floral 2nd Birthday

"She is precious in every way,
The sunshine to our days, 
The joy of our souls,
And the beautiful flower of our lives." 


I've always loved throwing parties. Any reason to celebrate is my motto! My daughter is turning two and I knew I was going to be throwing her a birthday party. The only thing that I did not foresee was how pregnancy would make me so lethargic, exhausted and sick. I was so out of it that I almost cancelled the whole party idea but changed my mind. This was my first born and this was the last party where she'll get all the attention before her little brother or sister comes along and crashes the party. Also, two is a wonderful age where she's able to be part of the celebration and take everything in. 

I'm a bit embarassed to admit it, but I chose flowers as the theme because I was lazy. I mean you can't get anything more simpler than flowers. It was easy to obtain and flowers always make everything look good. That was how it started and how I would spend the next 2 months sourcing floral decorations from Taobao.

I guess all my flower talk must have rubbed off on LittleLim because sometime around December, LittleLim started to like flowers. She loved smelling them and whenever she saw flowers her face would light up. When she started to say "Flawaaa" I knew it was meant to be. I couldn't be happier!

Paper flowers: Taobao
Flower table cloth: Taobao
Desserts: Cherry Cake House, Wondermilk 
Cake: Wondermilk
Balloons: Balloon Wonderland, Publika

Paper cups: Taobao
Cotton Candy: Cotton Candy Kuala Lumpur

While I was taking the easy way out, Hubbycat was determined to go all out. He decided that he was going to cook for all our 50+ guests. Not just any simple meal but a full canape fine dining, Troika inspired way. I was worried because man power was something we were lacking and of course heavy duty cooking equipment but I knew that if anyone could pull it off it would be him. And boy did he pull it off in a grand fashion of 3 canapes and 1 main dish and my sister made devilled eggs. The food was amazing and most importantly, it was fit for his little princess.

I'm so thankful that everything came together so nicely thanks to Jazs, Yan and our family. This party certainly wouldn't have happened without them. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes setting up the venue, decorating, preparing food, replenishing food etc. I didn't have to think about anything other than be present and enjoy the party which I did, maybe a little bit too much because I forgot the agenda. Almost forgot about cake cutting, forgot the candles and also forgot to serve the cake to our guest. I'm lucky I get to pin it down to pregnancy brain >.< haha!

And of course the friends who came and shared this joyous occasion with us. People whom I'm blessed to call friends and to be able to do this journey with. They say it takes a kampung to raise a kid, I'm so glad I have so many experienced mommies to help me out! 

Most importantly, the birthday girl had a wonderful time. All the late nights planning, finger burns, food preparation and backaches are worth it. I still remember when she entered the hall and took everything in, her first words were "Waaa, Nie" (Waaah, nice) and then ran to the balloons. Haha! One thing is for sure, Hubbycat has said that he'll never want to cook again but we all know that if his princess asks, he will sure to say "yes". Haha! As for mommy, for now I'm saying no, but we all know you can't stop this mama from throwing a party! *wink*

Happy 2nd Birthday my darling. Mommy and Daddy are so glad you had such a good time. We loved watching you enjoy your party. You had such a lovely time running around, playing with your friends, eating all the yummy food and just having fun without a care in the world. We love you. 


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  1. haha she is really pretty and happy belated birthday to her , yes every child deserves attention and dont say that her little brother will ruin her parties, because in my view all child deserves attention , whether you have 3 kids or 6 !!

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