Friday, 9 December 2016

Dear New Mommy.

" Dear new mommy "

Hold on tight to your sweet bundle of joy. Smell her as much as you can. Hold that tiny hand. Cuddle that swaddled up princess. Kiss that tiny pout. Breastfeed as much as you can as often as you want. Cherish your time with her. Enjoy her helplessness. Enjoy the times she's asleep. Enjoy the times she's awake. Savour the hiccups. Laugh at that gassy baby.

And when it gets bad, sing through the sleepless nights. Hug through the pain of breastfeeding. Count through the times they fight sleep remind yourself to be calm. Breathe through the frustrations, the struggle of changing poonamis, spit up, and wriggly babies who scream when it's bath time. Cherish all of these moments. I know it feels like a chore, like it's impossible, like it's the toughest time of your life... hang in there.

"Because suddenly it will all stop."

Because one day they will look like this. It will feel sudden and quick. You start to wonder where your baby went. When did she grow up? You silently wish you spent more time enjoying less time worrying, less time struggling, less time freaking out.

You start missing those baby feet, coos, tickles, laughs. You start missing all the breastfeeding bonding time. You start missing the first shock, first wonder whenever they experience something for the first time. 

And your baby grows up. They can take baths, the breastfeeding gets lesser, they sleep through the night and willingly, they sit through manicures and pedicures like a pro, feed themselves without making a mess or needing help, talk to you and ask for stuff, follow simple instructions.

Those difficulties you thought was so impossible feels like light years away. Those complains you used to mutter under your breath feels small. Those tears that used to come so frequently don't make much of an appearance anymore. 

And for some reason you miss it. You miss it because you realise your baby is no longer a baby. You miss it because suddenly the problems you face now feels so much bigger. You miss it because suddenly your dependent baby is miss independent. 

It's a complicated feeling because on one hand you love the freedom and finally having someone to talk to, to spend time with and someone who understands. On the other you miss all those sweet baby moments.

And you suddenly try to hold on to whatever memory of those newborn days. You grasp on whatever memory you can bring up. You savour every feeling you felt. You crave for the bond of breastfeeding again. 

With a heavy heart you know that it is an end to a chapter. You say goodbye to the baby clothes, the baby habits, the baby struggles and brave yourself for the next phase, the next chapter. 

So new mommy, hang in there. From one mommy to another, they grow up too damn fast. One day that little baby will not be a baby anymore.


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