Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Why is it always such a special thing when a child gets ice-cream? Maybe it's the way they get to feel independent when they hold the ice-cream cone themselves. Or maybe it's the way the cold invades their tiny senses sending them into fits of happy giggles. Or maybe ice-cream just has special powers to make the world feel like a better, happier and fun place. Who knows, all I know is LittleLim had an amazing time eating the whole IKEA cone of ice-cream herself for the first time without making a collosal mess. 

For me, I wasn't eating the ice-cream but I sure felt happy. My daughter is growing up and I'm going to let her be a child for as long as she wants to be. If that means ice-cream dates more often, so be it! If that makes me a bad mom... well I'll be a bad mom who will give my daughter a childhood.


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