Saturday, 12 November 2016


"LittleLim, do you know big girls get their own princess bed? Look at this bed, this is YOUR princess bed. It's all yours. You're a big girl now and you get to have your own princess bed." 

LittleLim sleeps in her big girl bed (aka Princess Bed) for the first time today. We got everything from IKEA and it was such a fun moment for us because our daughter picked everything. As Hubbycat assembled the bed she kept peeking in excitement with plenty of "wow wow wow" thrown in. And when everything was done, she excitedly climbed in and tested her new bed. Of course when it came to bedtime, it was a different story. She wanted to be on the big bed and that's when I told her that she now has a Princess Bed and big girls get to enjoy Princess Beds. That did the trick. 

The only thing is.... mommy and daddy are now having withdrawals! I was so tempted to scoop her back into our bed because I missed my tiny human pillow.... until I realised how awesome it is to have the whole side of the bed to myself! haha! 



  1. Awwww... what a special moment for a mother. How did it go when she woke up and the next few days?

    1. She did wake up and climbed into our bed. It's been over a week and she's still doing it! I would put her back into her bed but at that ungodly hour, the last thing on my mind is getting out of bed >.< haha! Let's hope she learns to stay in her own bed soon.