Monday, 10 October 2016

To Our Friends Who Helped Raise Our Daughter

LittleLim and her "crazy aunties"

A few days ago the "crazy aunties" came over in the evening to spend time with us. LittleLim was so excited when she saw them. As usual, they took selfies, chased her up and down the hall, played teddies with her and just spent time with her. Hubbycat and I are so happy and blessed when we see LittleLim having so much fun and is so loved. It made me realise how my motherhood experience is so much more richer because we have people who love our daughter as their own and has in some way helped raise our daughter.

This post is for the amazing friends who chose to share in our life even after LittleLim came into the picture. The friends who have chose to come over and hang out with us and our daughter, sat through all our talks and rants about parenting, breastfeeding and childbirth without any complains, played with our daughter and bonded with her, brought their family over for playdates and spent time with us, willingly attended all the parties we throw for our daughter and sacrificed their time to listen to my child throw a tantrum when they could be out having proper uninterrupted dinners, partying past 10PM and having a blast with cooler people. This post is for you who have welcomed our child into this world as if she was your own. 

Thank you for always thinking about her and remembering her name. For accepting her into your life and treating her as your own. Caring for her so generously and selflessly, and showering her with gifts. You have showed her that she is loved abundantly and valued immensely.

Thank you for engaging with her in play, peek-a-boos, and chasing her up and down even when it's exhausting. Thank you for holding her hand and helping her when needed. Thank you for getting on your hands and knees and exploring imaginary fields and worlds with her. You are telling her she's wanted and that she is allowed to dream and play freely. 

Thank you for telling her stories and sharing your life with her. Thank you for teaching her valuable lessons and sharing your experiences and stories with her. You are inspiring her and moulding her future. 

Thank you for hugging her and comforting her when she's on the verge of tears, for your patience and your kindness towards her. Thank you for laughing with her and entertaining her when she's feeling scared and alone. You are showing her that she is not alone and that she has people to count in her life. 

Thank you for being safe adults who are trustworthy of her. Thank you for being a great role model for our daughter. Your presence in her life is more valuable than you'll ever know. You are shaping our children in the most meaningful of ways. 

Most importantly, thank you for loving our daughter the way you do - wholeheartedly and genuinely. I know some of you don't like kids, have ever handled kids or really want kids but can't - seeing you treat our daughter with so much grace and love without an inch of dislike, jealousy or bitterness makes me so honored, thankful and blessed to be in your life and you in ours. Seeing our daughter so happy to be in your company and seeing her absorb your presence, laughter and advice means the world to me. 

I just want to honor you and let you know that while you may think nothing of it, your presence means the world to me. Thank you for being our "village" and for helping us raise our daughter. Thank you for loving our daughter and in turn loving us as well. You have made us a little less lonely and a whole lot more loved. I just wanted to let you know that we love, appreciate, honor and treasure you even when we don't say it often. Thank you. 

You know who you are and we are truly honored to call you our friends and welcome you into our family. 
Love, Ally

P.S- It truly does take a village to raise a child and if you're thankful for yours, tag them to let them know <3

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