Thursday, 13 October 2016

Pyjama Party With LittleLim

I do dread sending the husband off for business trips. I am one of those paranoid wives who feel jittery and anxious whenever husband is out of town. I have never gotten used to it even though he has gone for many business trips alone. I guess I'll forever be a clingy wife. When LittleLim was born I found another reason why I dreaded the husband going for business trips - 24/7 with a baby (then) was crazy and today a toddler is even more crazy! 

I have arranged a few activities and got friends over to help me pass the time that much quicker. For the first day activity, I have planned for us is a little Pyjama Party with LittleLim or Pyjama date. Sort of like a girls sleepover but instead of night time, we're chilling at 2PM in our pyjamas. It was the perfect opening ceremony for her pretty pyjamas that I got her from NEXT too. 

I'm teaching my little 20month old the joys of having girly dates with mommy. There's no time like the present right? So far we've cheated a whole lot! Whatever routine, dietary rules and all that have just been thrown out the window. We've watched two movies - Summer of 8 and Tangled- and Ella Enchanted is on standby. We've had chocolate wafers, Neapolitan ice cream, crisps and instant noodles. We've climbed up and down the sofa (try imagining a 28 year old woman sliding down the sofa headrest), danced like theres no tomorrow to "When Will My Life Begin" and "I've got a dream". LittleLim has been having so much fun and laughing a lot more than usual.

This little break of routine is good for us. I've feel like all I do with her now is scold her and discipline her. It makes me sad when I think of being the "bad guy" in her eyes. This was what the doctor ordered indeed. I'm showing her that mommy can be fun too! I feel like I've bonded with my daughter on many levels and to see her laughing and enjoying herself makes me happy too. 

I can't wait till she's older so we can have proper conversations, paint our nails and maybe "boys"? *smirk* We won't tell daddy don't worry. (heh!) 

Mothers with daughters, what do you do to create memories with your daughter? Do share!

If you're planning for a pyjama party, here's a list of what you'll need:
-blankets and pillows
... and lastly, following your daughter's lead. Today she gets to make the rules too ;)


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