Friday, 21 October 2016

5 Years Since You Have Gone

In loving memory of the great woman I had the privilege and honour to call my mother.

It's been 5 years since you went away
To the place in the sky very far away
The pain from losing you grows lesser each day
As time takes away the pain of fates cruel play.

Gone from our hands never from our hearts
Moments with you etched in our thoughts,
My greatest fear is one day I'll forget,
That is why I tell stories of you to keep your legacy alive.

I am four sitting at the back of your car,
Making a fuss and complaining it's far,
Snapped at me you did and quiet I became,
And then "sorry" you said instead of a caning.
You taught me patience that day and gentleness like no other,
Thank you mom for being my mother. 

I am seven and fought with my father,
He made some comments that made me falter,
I sat there sad and distraught,
I thought he favours my sister- she's the favourite.
You sat beside me and laughed, in a joke you said,
"It's okay you can be my favourite."
A joke it was but it meant so much to me,
To know that mom favours me.
Thank you mom for those words that day,
For making me brave again.
Thank you mom for being my mother.

I am fifteen deciding which route to take,
Arts or Science was the question that day.
I thought long and hard but couldn't find my way,
To you I turned to and this is what you said.

"My dear, the path is neither right or wrong,
It's in you all along.
Do what you desire and do it well,
Give it your all and fight till the end.
As long as it makes you happy, fulfilled and purposeful,
You have my blessing always and forever."

That day I realised you were proud of me no matter what, 
The lesson here was to choose something I loved.
I ended up in Science because I knew that no matter how tough,
I believed in my self.
I will do my best and make you proud,
7As I received for SPM, and it's because I had a supportive mother,
Thank you mom for being my mother.

I am twenty-one and this boy asked me to be his girlfriend,
I thought of you and how happy you would be.
I talked about him to you but not as much as I liked,
Because studies and new love has taken my time.
Today I regret I didn't call more, to talk about love and nothing at all.
But on those moments that I did call,
I could sense your smile and love in your words and your tone,
You told me that people are imperfect but you love anytime anywhere,
Just like you did with daddy,
You loved through the hard times, the tears and the pain,
You loved him in your happiest,
And in your darkest, you loved him the same. 
Thank you Mom for showing me what love looks like,
What marriage is built on, love above all,
And what love can do to imperfect people.
Thank you Mom for being my mother. 

I remember the last phone call I made to you,
We talked about the weather, the food and a person or two,
You were concerned about me and I could sense in your tone,
You wanted to talk more but instead you said
"Mommy is getting tired, we'll talk another day."

That was the last conversation i had with you,
If I had known I'd tell you
I love you, I miss you and I need you,
You're my mommy today, tomorrow and forever it's true.
I didn't get to tell you all that instead I said,
"Rest well mommy we'll talk again soon."

We never knew you were so sick,
You didn't want to let us worry,
Even in your most painful you still taught of us,
In your hardest moments you remained selfless.
Thank you mom for being you,
The role model I hope I'll become too,
To walk in your footsteps,
 May your legacy always live on in us too.

Thank you Mommy for being my mother,
For the moments we have together.
The stories I get to tell about your life in mine,
Of how you've improved and impacted my life,
Of how you've nurtured and love me,
Of how I'm here because of you
There will be no me without you.

Today is 5 years since you left,
While you absence is still greatly felt,
Rest assured your legacy will live on,
Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be told the stories,
That their grandma is an amazing lady.
They will know they are blessed because their mother had you as her mother.
Thank you mom and I hope heaven is treating you like the queen you are. 

Forever in my memories and heart,

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  1. Miss your mum. You sure do make her proud and im sure she is smiling down from heaven with my mum. Xoxoxox