Sunday, 25 September 2016

Playtime Revelations

The Truth IS....

I have a confession... I've never really like children. I'm not a very child-friendly person, or I wasn't before LittleLim entered my world. Whenever there was a child in the room, I used to be the person sitting in the corner trying to avoid eye contact with the child or the parents and silently praying no one notices that I wasn't gushing / cooing / playing with the child. The first child I willingly and happily carried was my own daughter.

CUE: *Gasp*
Everything about children- taking care and even playing with children was new to me. While I'm definitely much better at taking care of children - LittleLim is still alive isn't she? - and I'm definitely more open to children, play time is still a bit daunting. My first "play" was me waving a limp rag bunny in front of my baby's face making weird noises that could be mistaken as a moose giving birth... thank God I'm married or else I may have scared away any potential suitors. I always felt awkward whenever I had to entertain LittleLim. 

It's Alright. I got this!

The other day I was watching LittleLim play. She was twirling in circles like she usually does and she came up to me and pulled my arm. I got up and joined her. We twirled until we were dizzy and bumped into each other. We played catch and peek-a-boo. We twirled some more until we were tired and flopped on the floor in giggles. We laughed so hard that I nearly cried and LittleLim got hiccups. As I lay there on the floor belly heaving and LittleLim's head bobbing up and down in sync with my breathing, I realised that I've come a very long way. I'm not sure when I felt less awkward or when playing became more natural for me but it did. More than that, LittleLim reminded me that you don't need any special skills, techniques or toys to just have fun. 

LittleLim crawls up to my head and kisses my forehead. I am so thankful for this precious gem. She makes my life so much richer. LittleLim has indeed changed my views on children - I think they're pretty awesome now with their innocent way of seeing life, pure hearts and their simple way of having fun. 

That is until they start screaming at 4.30am because they don't understand that you SLEEP at 4.30am and not play... *facepalm*


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