Saturday, 27 August 2016

Twenty-Eight at Thirty8, Grand Hyatt

Last week I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday at Thirty8, Grand Hyatt. The last time we were there was 2 years ago for my twenty-sixth with LittleLim still in my belly. Everything was still as magical especially when the moment the sun goes down behind us and the twin towers getting brighter as the night progresses. I never felt more proud to be Malaysian. 

Beautiful sceneries. Beautiful places to dine. Beautiful ambiance. Beautiful service. Beautiful food. Beautiful and all right here at home

Everything that night was magical.
Thank you sis for making the booking and asking for a table by the window. Eating while watching the sunset and later having the picturesque gorgeous twin towers as our view. GORGEOUS!

I'm so thankful for each of you.
You make my life richer. 

Placing our wine orders and LittleLim fishing for ice in her cup >.< 

Hubbycat and I take every opportunity we can to expose LittleLim to new experiences. I am always so blown away at how my lil lady fits right in these places. We are able to see how these experiences enrich her life - she so much more mature than we were when we were her age. Even her development is faster than us.

Thank you Thirty8 for accommodating this little 18month old and for being so accepting of kids. We were initially worried because the restaurant is pretty "atas" and we were afraid they had a "no kids" policy. But they were so good with kids! I am impressed. THANK YOU!

Monk fish
Beef Cheeks
Lamb cutlets
Sides: Roast Potatoes, Mushrooms and Asparagus

Food was yummy! So glad the standard has not dropped. The steak was cooked perfectly medium-rare with the pinkest center. I LOOOOOVE <3

Of course a #LittleLimOOTD was called for such a lovely night. 
Wearing her gold brocade dress from PoneyEnfants. 
They should so make an adult version of this! I will buy and wear in a heartbeat. 

LittleLim and her daddy - my two most favourite people. 

Thanks sis for arranging the cake as well! I had wanted to try their signature cake last time but skipped dessert because I had a birthday cake. This time I told sis I hope you didn't get a cake! (lol! thick skin much?!) But, she did.... she read my mind and got their signature cake (YAY!) 

I loved it! Only thing was that banana ice-cream which was yucks for me. But sis loved it so if you don't mind banana you will like it too.  

Also ordered an extra ice-cream mango sundae. YUMS! 

Would definitely do coffee and dessert here and enjoy the sunset next time... or maybe after hour drinks and enjoy the glow of the twin towers. 

Our first sis twinning outfit! We did not plan this at all! After so many years, we are finally dressing more alike sis :D hehe 

Ended the night on a high, literally. I didn't realise that I almost had half a bottle of wine until I started buzzing. hehe. Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic (kidding!).

Thank you family. THANK YOU. 

And of course, here's one of my little family. 
This year a family of three. Next year four? 
We'll see. (LOL!)


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