Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Kindie Tour

The big K word. The word I have tried to not think about because I'm in denial that my little baby girl is growing up. The word that makes me want to cry and at the same time evoke a bit of jealousy for the lucky teacher who will get to spend so much time with my child. Apparently, these teachers are so good at what they do the children no longer want their mamas anymore. It will all become "Teacher X said this" and "Teacher X said that". Ugh. Teacher X. 

I have been meaning to call up and inquire but have been putting it off until one of the famous Kindies we had our eye on had a newly opened branch and was organising an Open Day. I called up to make an inquiry and put our interest down. As the day approached I don't know who was more nervous, LittleLim or me. (The answer is ME, LittleLim was oblivious) 

The day before I freaked out. What do I ask these teachers? What to look out for? How to dress? I mean this is only just GOING TO SET THE EDUCATION PATH FOR LITTLELIM, no pressure. Didn't help that this school has a waiting list as long as my toilet paper roll. Yeah, no pressure, no pressure. LIES. I ended up calling my mother-in-law and asked her for help since she was a Kindie teacher herself. God bless her soul, she gave me a list of questions and things to eyeball for. 

As soon as I saw the school I was impressed. Didn't even need to go in. Just standing outside was enough to convince me. I was so close to shouting "TAKE MY MONEY!" at the first teacher I saw. Hubbycat must have noticed because he shot me a look that screamed "Keep it cool WOMAN!" (lol) I quickly composed myself and thankfully managed to conjure normal. I think the teacher that was giving us the tour was pretty impressed with the questions I asked (THANKS MIL!). The school was fantastic- kiddie sized bakery, spacious playyard, the best equipment offered and well experienced teachers!

I was so nervous LittleLim will hate being in the new environment and have a meltdown. I should have already known how well my daughter takes to new environments. She got into it straight away. No clinging to our legs, no tears, no meltdowns. She ran to the nearest art station and with the help of teacher she made her first piece of artwork. So proud! Teachers all said she was really good and was willing to participate. Way to impress LittleLim! #proud!

Anyway, I would say our Kindie tour went really well. Mommy and Daddy were so impressed with the school and so relieved LittleLim had fun. I can definitely see LittleLim enjoying herself here and making the same memories I had. All went well until I saw the price tag. Damn, why these designer kindergartens are so impressive AND expensive! At the same time, so hard to walk away from. Swallowed a lump and looked at Hubbycat who had the same shocked expression on his face. 

Maybe we'll bring our own crayons, bowls and books? 



  1. Hi Ally do you mind sharing with me which kindergarten is this? I'm desperately looking for a Playschool for my 17 month old girl. I'm living in puchong btw. Can you email me at

    Thank you and regards

  2. Hi,Ally. Do you mind share v me your MIL List of question to asked for as I'm going todo research for my boy too. Thanks in advanced. can you email me at

    1. Hi! I will send it to your email in a bit :)