Monday, 22 August 2016


I previously wrote about how my vocabulary has been dominated by "No!" and "Stop!" ever since LittleLim has became the active toddler she is. It still is pretty much the same now. The only difference is that she's more strong willed and less obedient. We've just introduced to her the "time out" and boy has she hated it with a vengeance. But too bad, it hurts me more than it hurts you (and it really does!) but I always remind myself of "spare the rod and spoil the child" and suck it up. 

I'd like to see the day where LittleLim stops questioning my "No" but if she's anything like me, I know deep down that ain't going to happen. Till today I still challenge people who tells me "No". It's just very tiring when I have to keep repeating the same thing a million and one times and explaining things for the millionth time too. Ugh. 

The other day I was on my computer and LittleLim was playing by herself in the living room but  still within view. She was stacking Duplo and I went back to typing on my computer. A few minutes later I looked up and she was no longer playing Duplo. Instead she was trying to open my drawers where all the plug points are hidden. I have told her so many times "NO!" and that this is off limits because it was dangerous. I was about to shout a "No!" but something told me to wait and see what she would do. I mean don't punish the innocent right? So I waited and watched. 

Her fingers touched the edge of the drawer and my urge to shout "NO" became stronger. And just as I expected her to pull the drawer open, LittleLim proved me wrong. She stopped herself, shook her head and lightly tap her hand whispering "no no" just as I would reprimand her for doing something she's not supposed to. I won't lie, I felt so happy that my consistent "No"s are bearing fruit. 

It's definitely a start to more peaceful days. It also shows me that LittleLim is starting to know the difference between right and wrong. She's able to make decisions on her own now and is able to comprehend consequences. Oh, how proud I am of my not-so-baby baby. Yay! 


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