Monday, 15 August 2016

#LittleLimEats : The Asian Method of Introducing Solids

There isn't much information out there on Asian methods of introducing solids. When it was time for me to start solids with LittleLim, I was a bit lost. My doctor being Asian meant that his methods did not include purees, mashed vegetables and all that. It was confusing for me because compared to purees, plain porridge didn't sound very nutritious. But I trusted my doctor and followed his methods. until today. I thought I'd write about my journey in hopes that it may help some mommies.

As mentioned earlier, LittleLim has always been a lightweight. She just doesn't pile on the kilos as easy as other kids and for her age she's below the 25th percentile (underweight). I used to freak out thinking my milk wasn't enough or that I wasn't feeding as much as I needed to. I even thought of starting her on solids at 4 months in hopes that she won't be that "scrawny" baby. Thankfully, my pediatrician put all my fears to rest and just told me to carry on as usual with breastmilk until 6 months because while "underweight" LittleLim was still active, bright and wasn't falling sick. So we carried on as usual until she turned 6 months. 

Being Asian, LittleLim's first solids was watered down porridge at 6months. To be honest I was a little disappointed when I was told to give plain porridge for the first month because I wanted to try out all the fancy purees and recipes I have saved on to Pinterest. But in retrospect, I'm glad we stuck with our doctor's advice. The porridge was necessary to kick start LittleLim's digestive system and allowed her to slowly ease into the heavier stuff.

Porridge Recipe : Rice, Water, Breastmilk - blended. 

At 7 months, we introduced porridge with purees. Whenever possible I gave her porridge because she needed the carbs to put on weight. So porridge was LittleLim's staple food. 

At 8 months, we introduced snacks on top of her usual meals. Her favourite were rusks and puffs. 

At 9 months, we made the porridge thicker, the vegetables a bit more chunkier and introduced salmon into her diet. Also used dried scallop and ikan bilis powder into her porridge for seasoning. Her first taste of meat. For that time, my fridge was always stocked up with butternut, carrot, potato, broccoli and salmon. I think the ikan bilis helped strengthen her bones and that helped her achieve walking faster. 

Porridge Recipe : Rice, Sesame Oil, Water, Dried Scallop / Ikan Bilis powder - blitzed (a bit chunky). Add whatever vegetables you desire. Salmon.

At 12 months, we added in chicken and pork into her porridge. By then she was starting to get a lot more pickier with her food so we had to trial and error. We also started introducing her to other kinds of food like pasta, oats etc. 

Porridge Recipe : Rice, Sesame Oil, Water, Dried Scallop / Ikan Bilis Powder - boiled till soft. Add vegetables. Salmon / Chicken / Pork.

Pasta : Boil Heinz Star Pasta according to packet. Add puree. 

At 14 months, she totally rejected porridge because LittleLim has started having more teeth! She only wanted chunky food and rice. She loved rice just like her daddy. This was a bit easier for us cause it meant that she could eat what we ate. By then we started introducing her to our dishes which she LOVED! By then she was more or less on adult food already and we left behind all our porridge recipes etc. LittleLim's favourite is rice and gravy with meat. 

Today at 18 months she eats like a pro. We don't really limit what she can eat because it's so hard to get her to eat that as long as she's willing to eat we let her. She has eaten A LOT of different types of food and has been exposed to so many types of cuisines. As a result she's very brave when it comes to trying new food and isn't afraid of textures and tastes. We also don't set a time for her to eat - as long as she wants to eat we let her. 

 Shepherd's Pie, Fried and Watermelon juice and Ben's- The Gardens Mall.

 Puffs and Strawberries

 Mantau at Esquire Kitchen.

 Cornflakes and Broccoli

 Graham biscuits
Dutch Lady Strawberry Milk, Raisins, Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich. 

She's still breastfed but only at nap times and nights. So during the day she drinks fresh milk. On top of that we get her to eat papayas for good stools. She doesn't take baby puffs anymore and in it's place we use Honey Stars, Cornflakes, Biscuits and Raisins for snacks. Meals are usually rice and dishes. 

As for Baby Led Weaning (BLW) - we never really did it even though I was so gung-ho in the beginning. It was too much mess for OCD me to take so I actually skipped it altogether. I did not let her eat herself and fed her. Also because she didn't really start "chunky" food until 1 years old and it was almost impossible to BLW to purees and stuff. But I don't feel that LittleLim has "lost out" from not doing BLW. At 18 months she can hold a milk carton herself, she can feed herself with a fork and have started learning to use a spoon. And it's less messy so I'm happy. 

All in all, this method worked for us and LittleLim is healthy as can be. She has never fallen seriously ill or is lacking on any nutrients. She's crazy active and growing well. She also learns really quickly. I definitely believe that the quality of food is more important than the method or quantity of how you feed. For LittleLim, she gets the best ingredients and I think this has definitely played a part in her growth. 

If you're a new mommy starting on the solids journey soon - GOOD LUCK! Find something that suits you and your lifestyle. I like what my peads told me when I was worried - As long as they're eating, it's okay! Most important is that they're fed. If you have a toddler recipe you love, share it with me! I'm on the look out of recipes to try with LittleLim. 



  1. Hi! May I know when did you introduce fresh milk to your girl and how did you do it?

    1. Hi Juli,

      I introduced fresh milk when LittleLim was 14 months. Fresh milk is not advised for babies as they cannot digest the milk. You can check out this link for more info. (I used it too)