Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Feeling horrible but still smiling on. Such a trooper!

Our household has been fighting this terrible throat infection ever since Hubbycat contracted it last week. I didn't think it would spread to LittleLim because she has never fallen sick before even when we both were out for the count she was good. I forgot one very vital thing, LittleLim is in the process of weaning which means she no longer is protected by my antibody making milk.

It did not help that I was also taking things too lightly because she has bounced back from being sick so quickly there was really no time for concern. I thought this time would be the same and that she would bounce back in no time. But time passed and she did not show signs of improvement. On top of that she was getting whinier and clingier and I thought she was just acting up. 

It did not occur to me to check and see if she was falling sicker. Such a terrible mommy. But yesterday something told me to check and I was shocked to find her having a fever of 38.9! As if that wasn't bad enough, her nose started oozing green snot and then her eyes had it too. That was when I went into freak mode. Google told me to get her to a doctor ASAP but it was already 9 PM and no doctors were available. So I was on watch duty the whole night. LittleLim made that easy because she was awake every hour crying or clinging on to me. Needless to say we both didn't get any sleep that night.

I brought her to the doctor the next day and found out it was pretty serious considering it has reached her eyes. So she's now on antibiotics in hopes that everything clears in the next 2-3 days. Otherwise it's IV for LittleLim and experience has told me it is NOT fun to get LittleLim on an IV. On the plus side, sick or not, LittleLim is still the charmer. She was so well behaved and didn't cry when the doctor started prodding her. Or maybe she was charmed by Dr.Charming. (lol!) I have seen this doctor many times during our visits and I always thought he was the serious type. Who knew he would be so charming and natural with kids! I thought my usual pediatrician was the best... I guess not. (kidding! I still love my pediatrician) I'm so glad and relieved to know my hospital has amazing pediatricians. 

For now doctor's advice is to get her to eat her meds (which according to him tastes good so yay!), drink lots of fluids and let her eat anything she wants even ice-cream because as long as she is eating it's a good sign. Oh, and rest. Lots of rest. I laughed and asked him "Can you prescribe some drowsy medication?" If you know my daughter you'll know she'll never sleep. Even when she needs it. 


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