Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Big Sunday Brunch, Cantaloupe Troika Sky Dining

I always remember my birthday celebration in Troika 3 years ago. I still dream of the lobster bisque today. It was only until recently I found out that Troika hosts "Big Sunday Brunch" once a month where you get 8 courses for a reasonable price. It was a cross between fine dining and buffet - the second course, the main and the desserts are refillable. I was so excited when I found out I told Hubby we must make a trip one of these days. 

He thought it would be a great birthday treat for me <3 Such a sweet man! The day came and we dressed in our Sunday best and prepared to go for brunch. Troika Sky Dining is just as gorgeous as I remembered it to be. So much light filled the place with floor to ceiling windows and the minimalist industrial decor. Still gorgeous! 

We were soon ushered to our table with the best light. 

The loves of my life. Sharing bread. Making me jealous! >.< I want in tooooooo!

Menu of the day!

 All the bread eaten >.< 
But the heroes are the jams and spreads! SO GOOOOD! 
Breads are refillable too!

Seafood Platter

Second Course
I think it was halfway through this course when I realised how brilliant the chefs who created the menu are. In each course there are 3-4 dishes but it always feels so unified. It would have been so easy to get overwhelmed by so many flavours but not in this instance. Everything felt like they belonged together and paired beautifully. 

Second course dishes are refillable so we ordered a second round of the mushrooms in truffle sauce because it was LittleLim's favourite! Expensive taste this little one has.

Forgot to take photo of the Clam in white wine jus. 
This is so heavenly! A close second to my lobster bisque. Close but not quite. 
I still want my lobster bisque >.<

Soooo soft and juicy <3 
But the lamb was a bit undercooked and Hubby had some raw parts. 
This was sadly a miss. But the ribeye was yums!

Dessert Tower!
All you can eat dessert. Grab at any time of your meal even before the breads! ;) 

All that stone and marble. Seriously interior envy!
And a perfect spot for the #OOTD and #LittleLimOOTD shot. 

My outfit: 
Dress : Yee Tag
Shoes: Berlin
Accessories : Tiffany & Co

Dress: Zara Baby
Shoes: Freshly Picked
Accessories: Tiffany & Co

Channelling nature in our outfit to match the industrial feel of the place. Heh. 
Flowers & Dragonflies ;) 

Such a wonderful day. Thank you sweethearts. 
I love you both forever. 
Thank you for making me feel like a queen. 
Now... can someone fetch me my broom? 
The housework calls to me.


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