Saturday, 16 July 2016

When I heard "Mommy" For The First Time


I have plugged this video on EVERY social media platform I own because for the first time in my daughter's 17month young life, she said "mommy" for the first time. Clearly, I've been waiting for this day for a LONG LONG LONG time (17months is a lifetime for some ok!). 

Her first sounds were "mama" and I was so excited because I proudly proclaimed that she was calling me! Only to have my happiness dashed when mama really meant "mum mum" or "GIMME FOOD WOMAN!" Clearly for my daughter "feed me" was a bigger priority than knowing what to call the woman who gave birth to her. But I was determined! She was going to call me! Damn it, why can't I bribe babies with chocolate. 

Months later and a wider vocabulary, still no signs of mama or mommy. Usually our conversations go like this:

Scenario 1
Me: LittleLim say mommy!
Me: Noooo, say Mommy. Mom-my!
LL: Dada!
Me: Mommy!
LL: Dada!

Scenario 2
Me: LittleLim say Daddy!
LL: Dada!
Me: Yay! Now say Mommy!

Ugh! So frustrating. But FINALLY Mama came along and that was easily one of my favourite moments of motherhood. But Mama wasn't really exclusively for me. We knew Dada meant Daddy and Monmon is Montycat but Mama was either calling me or wanting sometime or food (usually food). I was just a bit upset that LittleLim refused to give me a name but I'll take Mama and I wasn't giving up. 

And finally today happened. So our routine always goes like this. LittleLim wakes up from her nap and usually comes and look for me. Today was no different. She runs towards me, sleepy eyes and crazy bed hair. I'll go "Hi baby! Mommy is so happy to see you! Can you say mommy?" and her reply is always "Mama" and scampers off to play. But today was different. 

She stopped in her tracks and gave me a look. It was as if she was trying to piece things together. And in a very small quiet voice "Mimi". My heart quickened but I didn't want to jump the gun and get too happy or excited. We've been through this before where I was left disappointed because it was just a fluke. So I sucked a breath in and repeated my sentence. 

"Can you say mommy again please?" 

And then proceeds to hug my knees. My heart was melting in puddles and my eyes filling with tears. The moment so magical. I was the crazy excited mommy cheering and crying at the same time smothering my baby with kisses and I love yous. It sinks in that I am a "mommy" and that she knows I am "mommy".

Honestly I wasn't prepared to be bowled over by a word. I wasn't this emotional being called "wife" by hubbycat. And I grew up not liking children. I was the girl who claims that "I never want kids!" and here I am crying because my 17 month old called me mommy for the first time. I am Mommy. I never imagined this title would mean so much to me. I never imagine I would find a title so endearing and sweet. I won't lie, I love it. I love it ALOT.


Btw, mama and dada wasn't her first word. Her first word is actually MonMon. Yeap, Hubbycat and I lost to our furson. Our Montycat is really LittleLim's favourite. And all he does is run away from her playing hard to get. Such is life.... *rolls eyes*

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