Tuesday, 19 July 2016

This Photo Makes Me Sad

This photo of LittleLim and myself taken in Chicago makes me a little sad. At first glance this photo doesn't look like much but it actually speaks a lot about how different LittleLim and I see the world. The stark contrast of our attention and how we take to the same new thing so differently. I'm ashamed to admit it but LittleLim got more that day than I did that it's such a pity she will never remember because of her toddler memory capabilities. 

Instead of soaking in the beauty, the people, the sounds - I was occupied with checking emails and replying messages. On the other hand, my 15 month old looks on with excitement, amazement and wonder at the world around her. Look at her face, her expression says it all. In this one moment, I wish I could turn back time and be present. To appreciate the now just like how children do. 

Sometimes I look at LittleLim and wish I had the simplicity she has. Yes, biology dictates that she struggles with more than one activity because she doesn't have enough brain capacity at such a young age. But is she really worst of? Look at us adults juggling so many things and yet unable to fully grasp the beauty in a moment. 

While this photo makes me sad, I'm thankful because it reminds me to be more aware of the now moments. When necessary to forget the heaviness of being an adult and just enjoy the simplicity of a moment. 


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