Friday, 8 July 2016

#LittleLimOOTD June2016

Hello! It's Friday! Still can't believe how fast June flew by and we're now entering week two of July! WHAT! I know right! CRAZY! 

I've been really slacking in the #LittleLimLookbook area. Not because LittleLim doesn't have any nice outfits on (hell nos!) but because I've been a bit preoccupied lately. I haven't had any time to think and plan shoots :( 

Anyway, as I mentioned it isn't because I haven't been playing dressup with LittleLim because I have! I look forward to dressing LittleLim up! It's what I look forward to when I wake up everyday (haha!). So here are some of my favourite outfits in June!

9 June 2016
Cat dress from HnM layered on top of a white Zara T-Shirt. Red Toms.
It's definitely the cutest outfit of the month!

13 June 2016
Baby GAP stripe romper layered over a white Baby GAP T-Shirt. Zara sandals.

17 July 2016
Stripe dress from Target.
This dress was a little bit big but I thought it makes a perfect maxi dress!

18 June 2016
Ralp Lauren Peplum top (worn as dress), Baby Gap shorts and Zara Sandals. 
Preppy! We wore this to check out LittleLim's new kindie!

19 June 2016
Blue stripe racer back dress from Baby GAP. Zara sandals.
Holiday outfit for our little Father's Day getaway to Lumut!

25 June 2016
Denim shirt worn as jacket from Baby GAP. Mango blouse and Carter's white shorts. Zara sandals.
Hello Ipoh!

26 June 2016
Weekend cool in her Zara white romper and Zara sandals. Mommy's sunnies. 

29 June 2016

Stripe Peter Pan collar shirt from BabyGap, NEXT leggings and Zara sandals. Office wear! And Peter Pan collars are the cutest things ever. This shirt is so versatile, I can see it being styled many ways. 

30 June 2016
Last day of June and another of my favourite. 
Zara blue hooded poncho, NEXT leggings and Zara sandals. 
Had a nice little outing with her grandpa. 

Which is your favourite LittleLimOOTD?
Personally, I love them all! But I'm her mom and her stylist so I'm biased.


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  1. I love them all too! from the preppy look to casual look. Im so in love with her zara sandals collection!!