Tuesday, 21 June 2016

What if.... No matter what, I will fight.

What if she told you she likes girls or both?

What if she told you she felt different?

What if she told you she doesn't want to be the person you dreamt her to be?

What if she wants to take the road less travelled?

What if she wants to give up everything you prepared for her for something else?

What if she is difficult?

What if she makes a mistake big enough to affect your life?

What if..... 

Have you ever asked a parent these questions? Have you as a parent thought of these things? I have to both. There are days where I ask Hubbycat the same questions. Sometimes I surprise myself at how close minded I am and some days at how open I can be. Regardless, there is one emotion I always get, nervousness. Nervous for the kind of life they will have to lead. Nervous for the way society will see them. Nervous for the fight they will have to go through.

But no matter how nervous I feel, I know I can count on how unconventional and rebellious I can be. Everytime without fail, my answer is be the same. I will fight. Not with my children, but for them and along side them.

I will pray over them fervently. I will go through each step with them regardless of how I feel about the situation. I will fight for their freedom, their rights, their lives and their voices. I will be as understanding, compassionate and merciful each step of the way. I will fight to love them with my heart. I will fight myself whenever I feel judgement and condemnation fill my heart. I will fight so that they will never have to go through these things alone. That no matter how hard it will be for me and my reputation, I will never turn my back on them and they will never have to fear about doing life alone. This is bigger than me and it was never about me.

Just as I have fought my way to be where I am today, I will fight the same way for my children regardless of the "what if's" because there is nothing more horrifying than having to live a life of fear. There is nothing more horrifying that living a life with judgement. Nothing more horrifying that doing life alone. Nothing more lonely than being unloved and deemed damaged goods.

I will fight for my children. Always. 


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