Monday, 13 June 2016

The Problem

Oh my heart. In one weekend 50 people lost their lives. 50 people who went out thinking of having a good time, drinking drinks and enjoying their nights away. 50 people who has people who loves them, people who calls them family, sons and daughters. 50 people who didn't think it was their last night on earth. Gone. Regardless of their age, sexual orientation, lifestyle preference, race or religion - they were 50 individuals. The thing is I am bothered by it. Deeply bothered even though I live miles away. I am bothered because I wonder what kind of world will my children be living in. 

Many will be calling for tighter gun control. Fingers will be pointed and groups of people shamed. Petitions will happen. But no one will address the elephant in the room. No one will address the real issue that is the hate behind the killings. The hate that happens behind closed doors. The hate that builds because we do not understand things and refuse to learn and gain an understanding. The hate that builds because we have made in upon ourselves be play judge, jury and executioner. The hate that builds because we believe we have a "moral obligation" to uphold. The hate that builds because we are so fixed in the black and white that the grey irritates us. The hate that builds because we are so sure we are "right" that we forget tolerance, peace, love. The hate that builds and spills over, poisoning minds and hearts blinding people and justifying evil. 

We forget that hate isn't something that happens overnight. It's years of brainwashing, years of misunderstanding, years of being inflexible and unchanging. We forget that hate is more dangerous than a gun and more sinister than a mass shootout. The problem isn't the differences in people, it isn't the guns, it isn't the opportunity. The problem is the hate. The hate that goes round and round. The hate that births more hate. The hate that drives people to do unimaginable things. 

And that scares me because hate discriminates everything that is different. Hate doesn't choose it's victims. It infects and manifests attacking the mind and contaminating everything that is good. It starts of as a seed and it grows into something so ugly by feeding of insecurities, jealousy and differences. It is scary because hate grows fast and large and the only way to stop it is not by tightening gun laws or security (although it is a great deterrence) but through love. The only way to stop hate is not religion but God's love. The only way to stop hate is to educate and understand. The only way to stop hate is to be tolerant. To know that we share the world with so many others who are different from us. To understand that while we are different we still bleed red. To understand that we are no more superior than each other. To live knowing that if we can't love somebody else, we can always still choose to be tolerant and considerate. To not choose hate. That someone who is different from us isn't taking away what is special about us. 

My fear is that we lose sight of the beauty of differences because we are so caught up in hating the differences. And that is a world I'd hate my children to live in. 


To the bereaved families, my heart bleeds with yours. May you find peace and love in these painful moments. May the light of love shine brighter in these days of hate. 

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