Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Thankful. For You. For Me. For Family. For Friends. For Life.

Never look through your photos at 1am. Never delete photos from your phone (because you need space) at 1am. You will have wet eyes. You will have mix emotions. You will wonder where time went. You will hate yourself for not taking more photos / videos. You will be thankful for each moment. 

Simple memories woven together to create a story that is yours to tell. Your life wouldn't be what it is without the seasons, the memories, the people. 

Thankful for the mistakes that brought you to me. Thankful for the right things that made us happened. Thankful for the special moments that brought meaning. Thankful for the life you brought with you. Thankful that you chose me to spend the rest of your life with. 

Thankful for the joy a new child brings. Thankful she calls me mama. Thankful for all the tiny milestones and her growth. Thankful for her good health and strong immunity. Thankful for the lessons I've learnt from being a parent. Thankful for a little girl who has showed me how to appreciate the things in front of me and not dwell on the things I lack.

Thankful for that fated day I met you. Thankful you mewed for me and grabbed onto me when I carried you. Thankful you didn't take "I'm not sure now is the right time" for an answer. Thankful for all the times you were there with me when I was lonely and scared. Thankful that even though you cannot talk, you spoke to me with your head butts, wet kisses and loud purrs. 

Thankful for my past, present and future. Thankful for the path that brought me here even the difficult bits. Thankful for strength to overcome hills and swim through mountains. Thankful for peace even when things were bumpy. Thankful for being able to smile through the pain and for all the seasons that made me the person I am today.

Thankful for a home to come back to. For shelter and love. For warm blankets, fluffy pillows and air cond! Thankful for the music it has made. For a place to dream. For a place to create love.

Thankful to call you friends and family. Thankful for the support, love, encouragement, wisdom you have shared. Thankful for you making me the person I am today. Thankful for the blood ties and the friendly bonds. Thankful for each of you whom I'm able to share life with.

Thankful for life. The small things and the big things. The way it moves and dances as time passes. The many seasons it brings and the moments that follows. Thankful for all the special times that took my breath away and for the perspective it brings. 

Thankful for the things I do not deserve but have. Thankful for forgiveness for the selfish things I've done. Thankful for the protection I've got - my life and my heart. Thankful for the opportunities that came. Thankful for the things that didn't because it wasn't the right time yet. Thankful for the moments of joy and love. Thankful for my story. 

Take a step back. Look at your life. Look at the pearls of memories that is strung together. What are you thankful for?


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