Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I have a 17 Month Old Teenager

For the past year and a half, my bestfriend has been The Wonder Weeks App (all new parents NEED this app!) and now she's on her last leap. A clear sign that she's entering child-kingdom soon. One of the biggest observations in this leap from what I've read is how LittleLim will show signs of teenagehood. As LittleLim starts discovering her autonomy, free-will and persona she will be exercising her new found knowledge and skill. For the past two weeks she has seriously behaved like a teenager stuck in a toddler body except that she's loud, small and can get away with a lot of things. 

Independence, drama, sulking, attitude... you name it she's done it and I thought those things only happen after 13 years old... 17 if I'm lucky, definitely NOT at 17 MONTHS!! Let's just say there were a few instances where my 17 month old made me go "Are 17 month olds supposed to know this?!" or me telling LittleLim "Are you sure you're 17 months?!" because no way are they supposed to be this mature / cheeky / difficult.

"The Hand"
Oh if you've been a teenager you know this very well and if you were like teenage-ally, you would know how to let your parents know you wanted to be alone without speaking using just only your body language. Apparently my 17month old is like me. I am a cuddle-mommy. I love cuddles, snuggles, kisses and hugs. I smother LittleLim every second of every day because it's MY right! Oh the hurt when I got the cold shoulder. A huff, a shove and a scuttle away was all it took to leave me hanging and hurt. Dramamama here just fell into a giant heap and tried to get whatever attention I could with my fake cries of distress. In return I had a hand up (sign for stop) gesture from the "teenager". Ouch! 

"Angry because I said No" 
So if you read this post a few weeks ago, saying "NO" has little effect on LittleLim. Usually she'll just try again or move on. But not anymore, she has found a new friend called "anger". Now every "No" comes with screaming! Screaming, feet stomping and fake crying. Oh the joy, NOT! While it can get very annoying, I have to say that it is so entertaining to see this girl push her independence. One day she's going to start slamming doors, roll her eyes and answer back to which I'm sure mom is laughing very hard in heaven right now. 

"The shush!"
I recently taught LittleLim how to sign "quiet" with a finger on the lips and a "shhh". I do it whenever I want her to calm down or stop yelling / screaming. Everytime I say "quiet" we sign this gesture together. The other day she was playing her Duplo and I thought it would be a good time to test her colours. "Pass mommy the orange brick" I repeated over and over while she played. After a while she stopped and looked up at me. I was thinking "Yes! Finally got her attention." and instead of getting an orange brick, she placed her finger on her lips and shushed me! My 17 month old shushed me! WHAT?! HOW?! WAIT! My 17 month old is ANNOYED at me! 

"Power Struggle"
Oh hello independence. I've been so excited to see you! And then not so excited anymore. Gone are the mommy is boss (although I never really felt boss at all) moments. In its place a LOT of "LittleLim is boss". No longer does she want to change her diaper when mommy wants to or I'll eat whatever mommy feeds me. Now it's diaper change on MY time, I want to go THAT way not Mommy's way, I need that SPOON not THIS spoon mommy's holding.... Seriously sometimes I feel like she's telling me what to do silently with her stares and body language.


These are some of the memorable instances that has convinced me that my 17 month old is a teenager. Oh, get this, she hasn't even learnt how to talk yet. It's going to get even more crazy when the speaking comes, oh the conversations we are going to have >.< While it can get very annoying, I have to say it's more entertaining. Hubbycat and I always have a good laugh whenever I tell him how LittleLim has gone "Teenager". Secretly we are very proud of how headstrong, independent and sassy this girl of ours is. So yes, toddlers are definitely the new teenagers. (LOL!)

But seriously how do we deal? Lots of love, patience, empathy and forgiveness. Seriously! We just remind ourselves that she's at a stage in life where she isn't very good at controlling anything at the moment let alone her feelings. The best thing we can do for her now is to patiently explain to her why she can't behave like this and teach her methods to handle it.



  1. Love all your posts and writings ally! My 17 month old is definitely a teenager too! Very bossy and stubborn and absolutely wants everything her way. Omg I dread to think of her teenage years


    1. hahah! Yes! Sounds very familiar as it's the same as in my household! One thing is that we never get bored at home, forever on our toes, forever entertained by their "smartness". Ooo, I don't even dare think about teenage years >.< lol! Hang in there mama! We can do this!