Wednesday, 11 May 2016

We Are Back!

Hello Home <3

2 weeks on American soil, moving from Michigan to Chicago, the numerous attractions, sights and sounds and a total of almost 52 hours flight time, it's so good to be back to all that is familiar. There really is no place like home. The moment we entered the door to our house everything melted away. LittleLim's mood picked up and we were all more relaxed. In that moment I realised that as much as "home" is where we are together, "home" is also where we find our sense of belonging, our peace, our safety and ourselves. 

It's been a long and eventful two weeks. So much memories to chart down and share but I'll leave that for another more organised post. I just want to note that I am so thankful that we were able to do this holiday. We have came back different people with new exposures, admirations, insights and appreciation compared to the person we were in the beginning of this trip. While there are so many things to note down, the most grabbing one is observing LittleLim transform in these two weeks and to see her personality even more clearer than before. I dare say, the one that has benefitted the most and changed the most is this 15 month old. 

Again I'm surprised at how well she travels and how amazing it is that she is able to pick things up so quickly. I am surprised at how she's able to immerse herself into the experience and overcome differences in culture without a sense of fear. She is amazing and she has taught me so much on this journey. I will get to that soon. 

For now, jet lag has got me by my eyeballs and is calling me to sweet slumber. Will update again soon. 


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