Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Coach Bag

Coach 2016
Three weeks ago I hopped over to the Coach website and stumbled on the beauty above. Like a moth to flame, I was hooked. It is so beautiful and it is so me. Thus started the whole "should I? shouldn't I?" debate. Everyone I talked to said it was very "me" and that it is "beautiful". Even Hubbycat and daddy who would go "do you really need another bag?" paused and hinted that I should go for it if I really wanted it.

But this post isn't about me wanting the Coach bag. It's about having a bag that suits me at my current age and status. I always believe that bags like many other material things should represent the place you currently are in your life. I feel that they're more than just "wealth" symbols. For a long time I was contented with my pasar malam / Jusco bags even though I could have gotten slightly better branded bags because they suited my student image. I'm thankful my dad surprised me with a Coach for my 23rd birthday but I always felt awkward carrying it back then and as a result it was banished to the closet until lately. It felt weird for me to carry a Coach when I was still student because I just wasn't at that stage in my life to own a Coach. I never liked the idea of people associating me to having a "rich daddy" or taking me for a "spoilt pampered rich kid". Also, if it wasn't daddy, people would have thought that I was dating Hubbycat for the money and that isn't what I wanted either. I didn't want to be known as the materialistic girlfriend or that I was dating him for the "presents". I'm speaking for myself here. 

I'm thankful that today I'm in a place where I can afford a Coach bag myself. It's nice to know that I can wholly enjoy the bag knowing that it's mine and that nobody would doubt my ability to own one. For now I'm happy with knowing that I'm able to just afford a Coach. Don't get me wrong, one day I would love to own a Birkin or a Kelly. One day I would love to own my own Cartier Love Bangle. One day I would love to own my own Porsche. I want all of it but at the appropriate time in my life, when I am at the appropriate age, financial status and success to back it up. When you see me having all those items, know that I would have earned it myself. Till then, I'll just admire them with stars in my eyes.

That being said, if my Hubbycat decides to splurge on a Coach for me, I would not deny him that pleasure. Afterall, his money is my money too right? xx


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