Friday, 27 May 2016

Of Tears And Tantrums

Sorry to disappoint but there will be no LittleLim Lookbook today. My little model has been eating Energiser batteries and it's been so HARD to get proper pictures of her outfits. It is really #stressdieme moment. I gave up this week because every time I get her in position, reach for my camera she's already across the room. Then I get frustrated and get hostile which ends up in tears (mine not hers). So yes, I gave up this week.

There's only so much tears a mother (me) can take before she wants to blow her head off (me again). I love my daughter when she flashes me her 7 teeth smile. When she wants to eat my lips (kiss) me. When she wants to dance in the living room. I love her even more when she wants to feed herself and ends up sharing food with the floor. When she wants to be my boss and demand that I bring her food to the couch so she can spill it on my beige cushions. When she wants to stay awake but gets angry because her eyes can't keep open. I love it all.

I love her no matter what even the crazy times she gets difficult. But at the same time there is only so much I can take. It doesn't mean I love her any less. No no. It's just patience runs out as well and there's only so much fight I can take before I throw in the white towel. I have learnt that there are some fights that aren't just worth fighting. So I let go and let her do what she wants. Some times it bites me on the behind but most times it helps with her growth and development. She is better by it. It looks "wrong" to me but makes so much sense to her. In that sense, I'm glad she's strong enough to cry and make her wishes known. 

So this week we didn't get any photos of her outfits. But at least she's having fun discovering the world she is in. There's always next week LittleLim. 


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