Friday, 20 May 2016

LittleLim's Lookbook #8 : Ann Arbor Edition

Hello Friday. The 3 outfits for this week's LittleLim's Lookbook are my favourites from our holiday in the Ann Arbor, Michigan. The week we were there it was cold and rainy so most of the time LittleLim was bundled up in warmers, trench coats and jackets. This pink Zara wooly trench with ears is one of the staples because it was just so warm AND cute! The best shade of pink as well. It was the perfect way to keep LittleLim warm allowing her to have fun outdoors.

LittleLim's Lookbook Details:
Wooly Trench: Zara Baby
Stripe Hoodie: NEXT
Black Leggings: NEXT
HighTops: Zara Baby

The second favourite outfit is hands down this one. It was perfect lounging wear with her pink cat trackkies and the cutest french inspired shirt with cat motif. And the funnest cat-phrase behind (hehe!) Indoors are warm thanks to the 24-7 heating so we allowed LittleLim to enjoy and play in her t-shirts a little more freely.

LittleLim's Lookbook Details:
Cat Shirt: Baby Gap
Trackkies: Mango Kids

And of course the few days where there was sunshine, LittleLim could enjoy getting away with a lighter trench coat. This one is another Zara favourite of mine because it's so versatile. The material is a bit waterproof and it's light enough to wear even back in Malaysia. Another most mention is the pink sparkly sneakers LittleLim is wearing. We got them at Gymboree the day before at such a steal and seriously, I'm not a pink fan but I couldn't stop myself from getting this pair for LittleLim because it was just so fun.

LittleLim Lookbook Details:
Trench Coat: Zara Baby
Jeggings: Mango Kids
Pink Sneakers: Gymboree

Which is your favourite outfit?

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