Monday, 30 May 2016

Don't Lose Your Sparkle in A Harsh World

As parents we never want to see our children hurt. We never want to see them get rejected or disappointed. Never. But in Chicago that was the thing we experienced. LittleLim was being LittleLim, sociable and fearless. We could see she was trying really hard to be friends with the other kids and we saw how the other kids turned their back on her. Most of the kids were shy, too young or too old to engage with her properly. Although there were a few kids who were just mean and unfriendly. One nearly tried to intentionally hurt LittleLim forcing me to step in and in that moment I considered punching a kid. It took all my rationality to remind myself that I was an adult.  

For the most part, the other kids were just unable to properly engage with LittleLim. It was heartbreaking to see LittleLim go from kid to kid hoping for friendship only to get rejected. It was heartbreaking to see her go around looking lost after the 4th try. I couldn't take it anymore and went ito played with her. For the first time as a parent, I tried to keep her from making new friends because I couldn't stand seeing the rejection on her face. Mostly, I didn't want this experience to leave a negative impression on her. 

That moment I understood that the world is harsh and if we don't teach her how to handle the harshness, the world will teach her and it will hurt. I understood that as much as we as parents wanted to give her an "ideal environment", the world just wasn't ideal no matter how hard I tried to make it to be.

How I wish I can bubblewrap you, keep you at home and protect you from all these my baby. Oh, how I wish. As if Hubbycat read my mind "She doesn't need friends! I'll be her friend! All she needs is Daddy!" Overprotective daddy this one. But we know that she has to face the world and it's harshness. We know that this is the very reason why we are her parents. We know that it's our responsibility to equip her so that she will be able to manage these imperfections. When she is one day face to face with the harsh world, she will not lose her sparkle. We know. 

We know we have to let go of our overprotectiveness.... but not today. Not today. So we had a family hug and went on playing with our little girl who doesn't need friends. I kid. Maybe.


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