Friday, 1 April 2016

LittleLim's Lookbook #5

First Friday of April! 
Welcome to LittleLim's Lookbook where I share LittleLim's outfits every Friday.

It's crazy how fast time is flying by! It's been one month since I started LittleLim's Lookbook. I am having so much fun coming out with outfits for her to wear. This week we decided to be a Fairy Kitty Princess! We attended a really sweet, pink and fluffy Angel themed party two weeks ago and clearly still haven't gotten over the gorgeousness from the party. I had planned LittleLim to wear her fairy wings that she received from the party but this girl wouldn't cooperate with me and refused to wear it.

On top of that she refused to stand in the spot I had wanted her to but after much coaxing and just going with her flow- we managed to catch some fun pictures! I guess sometimes you just have to ditch the plan and be surprised. 


Pictures Taken 29 /3 /2016

LittleLim's Lookbook #5 Details:
Cat onesie: Cotton On
Star Tulle Skirt: Mango Kids
Copper Moccasins: Hubble + Duke

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