Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Get Inviting!

If there's one thing I can do ALL THE TIME, it's throwing parties and hosting. The idea of planning menus, designing invites and having a bunch of really great people over excites me. I can sit down and plan for hours even if it means giving up an hour or two of sleep. And usually the first thing I do once I secure the date is come up with the invitations. Back then when I was running StickgirlProductions I would have drawn my invites but now that I don't have enough time to draw AND plan, I usually just go to my bestfriend Google and find stock photos. You'd be surprised by the number of pictures you can find online for free and how they become really gorgeous invitations. Below are some of the invites I've created using stock photos I found online and my trusty friend PhotoscapeX. All fonts are downloaded online as well. 

Some of it may be a little over the top considering it's just a small get together with friends or family but I definitely feel that a pretty invite goes a long way in making people feel appreciated. It also sets the tone for the party but more than that, it shows how much effort and thought you've put in. I love that feeling of getting an invite as well instead of just word of mouth. 

LittleLim's First Birthday

CNY Dinner 2016

Christmas 2015

Ally's Babyshower 2014

Pool Party 2015

Puiks Baby Shower 2015

So much fun! I really enjoy releasing all my creativity and just creating invites. Even made menus and decor for some of these according to the theme of the invites. I purposely made all the invites square because I usually send these through Whatsapp and for optimisation, 500x500 squares are perfect! I'm definitely a big advocate for e-invites because it's so much cleaner and safer for the environment.

More than that, it's my way of using my creative muscle and getting some practice in. It's a wonderful way to explore, create, design and just expand yourself.  

What are you waiting for? Get creative & have fun!!


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