Monday, 11 April 2016

15 Things That Makes Me No Longer "A New Mom"

1. I don't fear being alone with my baby.

2. I don't run to her at the slightest cry. Oh she'll be fine if I take an extra 5 minutes to finish my "business".

3. I breastfeed like a pro. "Whip it out, stick it in" #likeaboss!

4. My diaper bag has shrunk dramatically. Gone are the days where I brought my WHOLE HOUSE for "just in case" moments. These days if she poops and I don't have an extra diaper, oh well, she'll be fine for another 15minutes till we get home. #truestory

5. I sleep through the night. Somewhat. Even if she wakes up for a feed, it's 5 minutes and I do it in my sleep and don't even realise it somedays.

6. I have a routine. A nice established routine that helps keep me sane and my days organised.

7. Leaky diapers, open air accidents, projectile vomit doesn't faze me. Oh again. Oh well. #shithappens

8. Screaming kids doesn't bother me. Let it goooooo, let it gooooo! Don't worry, I'm in the same boat. I get you, just let them scream. They'll feel better after a good cry.

9. My phone, computer, ipad is filled with pictures of LittleLim. Oh yes, 14 months worth of pictures. #sorrynotsorry

10. I go out alone with LittleLim any chance I can. #freedom!!! Oh and it's a great way to tire her out.

11. I know terms like EBM, FM, FBM, STTN, CIO and it's become my daily vocabulary.

12. I don't feel so guilty when LittleLim falls. Get back up, try again :) All part of life little one.

13. I don't feel guilty when I put myself first. Happy mommy = Happy baby.

14. I have time! LittleLim no longer needs my 24/7 attention. I can have 30 minutes to myself while she self entertains.

15. I have a 14 month old reminding me that I survived my first year of motherhood and have graduated from my "new mom" status.

My advice to new moms is to hang in there. There were days where I thought I'd never ever have time to myself, that LittleLim would never be "independent", that she will be crying EVERY day... days that feel so long and impossible. But hang in there. It will pass and that little bitty baby will grow up and you will find a new normal. It will get better and soon, you'll realise that you're no longer a "new mom".


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