Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Travel Bunny Themed First Birthday Party for BabyLim

Anyone who knows me knows I love throwing parties. I love planning, designing, decorating, entertaining and all that party jazz, but most of all the number one reason why I love throwing parties is having all my favourite people in one place at the same time. People who has blessed my little family with their friendship, love and care throughout the year. People usually know that Hubbycat and I always do our best to go all out when we entertain and BabyLim's first birthday was no exception.

BabyLim's party is inspired by two things : her favourite soft toy bunny - Mimsy and her love for travel. At a tender age of one she has already travelled to 4 countries and survived a 14 hour flight with no issue. She's a wonderful traveller and I have always loved our little overseas adventures because she's just a joy to bring to new places. The look she gets every time she sees a new place always reminds me of how interesting the world is to her. I wanted to marry these two things that screamed her which led me to the "Travel Bunny" themed birthday. It was certainly no easy feat as there were no "travel bunny" inspiration and I soon realised that I had to think outside the box and come up with my own ideas for this one. Way to challenge my creativity! I can't tell you how relieved and happy I was to see how everything looked on that day and to see your risk pay off so beautifully. I didn't want to focus too much on airplanes as it wasn't an aviation themed party so I brought focus to what "travel" meant for me - passports, immigration stamps, world maps and luggages. I designed everything myself and instead of spending money on actual luggages, I decided to draw my own luggages on cardboard boxes which added a vintage touch to the party. As for the bunnies, I designed 4 bunnies that represented Mimsy, Italian Bunny, French Bunny and US Bunny which could be seen on most of the paper stationery. From there I decided to stick to a more feminine palette of colors and went for pastels. 

I knew I wouldn't have time to cook so I hired Tasty Touch Catering to help me feed my guest and they did a great job at that! The beautiful cake & cupcakes were done by a friend of mine who runs Cheryl's Cuppakeki and till today I still get ravings at how moist, rich and delicious the chocolate cake was. The cutest Salted Caramel bunny macarons were customised by Theng who also recently just started taking orders! Of course, pulling everything off in 2 weeks would not have been possible for the amazing people who helped me at such a short notice without complains. Thanks Jazs, Yan, Theng for coming at the last hour to help me cut bunnies, pack cookies and all that! You girls really saved me from tormenting myself with stress and worry.

BabyLim was on her best mood that day thanks to my mom-in-law who helped feed, change and nap her before the party while I was busy getting everything ready. She woke up a minute before her party and was the best little host ever. Definitely has mommy and daddy's genes. She was so friendly, smiley and welcoming. She really looked like she enjoyed the attention and company that day. Looking back on that day, I still can't believe this little baby is now one years old. A far far cry from who she was when she came out into the world screaming. She's grown so beautifully and I'm so blessed to call her my daughter. 

But this party is more than just celebrating her turning one and us surviving one year of parenthood, this party is also a celebration of all the people who has been with us this year and helped in the smallest and biggest of ways. I know that BabyLim wouldn't be who she is today if it wasn't for all the people who has showered her with attention, love and care. I know I wouldn't be here if not for these amazing people who has helped me in this journey. 

Special mentions:
Crazy SotB Aunties (godma too) who always make spoil BabyLim with presents and food. BabyLim always loves you over and being the center of attention from you auties. Thank you for loving her like your own and offering to help watch her so that I can get some free time!

Dayremoms who have been that support I needed in this first year of motherhood and more. Who have offered me their friendship without expecting anything in return, who has blessed BabyLim and I so much and whom I've come to rely on with great advice, tips and ideas on how to raise BabyLim. They're my braintrust and one of the reasons why I still have my sanity with me. 

Our families - who have blessed us so much with their love and care and now extended that love (and more!) to BabyLim. Thank You for loving us the way you do and teaching us what family is all about. If anything having BabyLim made us realised the sacrifices you all have made as parents and we are eternally grateful. 

Our friends - Thank You so much for being the people you are, for always caring for us and for always trying to be there for our functions even with your crazy schedules, weddings to plan and newborns to take care of. I am always so touched and honored that you guys make time for us and thank you for the many years of friendship. We are so thankful that you are now in our daughter's life too.

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child and I'm so glad I have this village backing me up. Thank you so much for making BabyLim's first year a very special one.


Caterer: TastyTouch
Cake: Cheryl Cuppakeki
Bunny Macarons: Wei Theng
Cupcakes: Cheryl Cuppakeki
Party Supplies & Decorations: Taobao / DIY
Photographers: Jazs Low, Wei Theng, Ken
LittleLim's outfit: NEXT, Toms

Feels like yesterday I blogged about her Fullmoon (1 Month) Party


  1. What a fantastic party, you’ve put it together beautifully. The food looks amazing, it’s such a great idea to hire caterers. I know how stressful it can be trying to make party food as well as organising everything else. If you arrange for professionals to do all the hard work it makes it all so much more enjoyable. Happy first birthday BabyLim!

    Teri Harris @ Caiger And Co Catering

    1. Thank you Teri! And yes, I agree that party food should be left to professionals especially when you're planning to DIY everything. haha! So thankful for my caterers who lessened my headache :) Have a great day!

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