Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Starting Solids - What You'll Need!

LittleLim started solids at 6 months in June2015 and what a journey it has been! I remember my excitement when our pediatrician told us that our little baby can graduate from breastmilk and start expanding her tastebuds! Of course after the initial excitement, fear crept in because I didn't know where to start, what to buy or HOW to start. Oh the drama and of course crazy shopping sprees. I did a lot of trial and errors only to find out that not everything was suitable for a 6 month old who has a small mouth. I bet I'm not the only one in this boat and I'm sure that are many new parents who are wondering (and probably freaking out) over the same question "WHAT DO I NEED?!" So here's my list of things that I found to be the most useful!

1. Baby Processor / Stick Blender 
Beaba Babycook Pro

I know of moms who raved on the Philips Avent Steamer Blender, Little Bean Food Processor and Beaba Babycook. If you can afford any of these three, I would definitely encourage you to get it cause it makes life easier! But if you're on a tight budget and don't really want to spend so much on another food appliance (like me) a simple stick blender will do the job. This will definitely come in handy for the first 3 months of baby's food journey or until they learn how to gnash their jaws and gum their way through food or their baby teeth appears. At 9 months the stick blender was stashed in the cupboard and BabyLim graduated to semi-solids. And if you really don't want to spend at all, you just need a sieve / masher. 

2. Bowls 

Plastic bowls are the best cause grabby babies are grabby. I love using shallow bowls because it lets the food cool down faster. Plastic is also light which makes it easier to carry and hold under baby's mouth. Plastic also does not cut baby's fragile skin. 

TIP : Find bowls that are toxic free and BPA Free. If using coloured bowls, do a test to ensure that colours do not run when coming in contact with hot food.

3. Spoons

Spoons that are flat like mini spatulas or like Gelato spoons works best. Spoons with dips are not so easy at this age because they don't know how to use their tongues well. Spatula spoons are great because they're shallow and you can just spoon it into their mouths and pull out clean. 

I'm using: NUK Spoons

4. Bibs

Save the plastic bibs from when they can feed themselves / hold their own food because at that age, crumbs are serious business. In the beginning cloth bibs are best because they catch watery food better than plastic bibs can. But A LOT unless you don't mind reusing dirty bibs. 

I'm using: Bandana bibs from AliExpress

These were the most useful items when BabyLim started solids. When she could sit upright and got older to where she is today (13 months), I found these items to be useful as well. 

5. Highchair
Stokke Tripp Trapp

In the beginning we used to prop BabyLim on her bouncer and feed her. As she got older I wanted her to associate eating with the dining table, so I upgraded her to the highchair. Now that she's able to walk as well, I find it easier to just strap her into the highchair. It is advisable that baby sits during meal times to prevent choking.

I'm using: Stokke Tripp Trapp

6. Straw Bottle 
Skip Hop

LittleLim can't drink from a cup yet and I've given up on sippy cups cause LittleLim hates sucking on that huge plastic stout and would only take very small sips. Before trying a straw bottle, I had to feed LittleLim water using a syringe / spoon and it was so troublesome and messy. I was gifted a straw bottle and was amazed at how LittleLim knew where to suck and how good she was at drinking using a straw. Now it's so much easier to get her to drink her water / milk and she easily finishes a bottle a day which means she no longer has constipation problems!

I'm using: SkipHop Zoo Little Straw Bottle 

7. Snack Holder

These things are amazingly convenient. Small enough to chuck into my handbag and bring everywhere with me and big enough to carry an adequate amount of snacks for LittleLim. It also has a catcher inside which keeps all the snacks inside and not spill when LittleLim starts throwing it around. 

I'm using: Ubbi Tweat Snack Container

There you have it! Happy Feeding and remember, the messier it gets the better a job you are doing ;) 

All opinions are my own and I am sharing based on my own experience. 
I was in no way sponsored.

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