Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Midweek Update 4

I can't believe it's midweek already. Time is definitely flying WAY TOO FAST! It's about time someone told time to calm it's titties down and chill. How is it we're at the end of March already?! How?! Please excuse the drama, I feel like I've JUST gotten over CNY and have finally digested the last of the CNY goodies, all ready to start the new month only to realise that it's already the end of March. Somedays I feel like all I do is play catch up and then get so annoyed at myself for procrastinating or wasting time. 

ANYWAY, this week flew by in a flurry of activities. One of the most memorable activities is definitely the social call in the form of a moms meetup on Friday. It was exactly what I needed to breakaway from all the routine and be in the company and interact with like minded women. Most of our conversations are about our kids (yes yes, our kids has dominated our lives and our discussions) but it's nice to discuss your kids to people who's been there before or are currently in the same place as yourself. You know that you're not alone in this motherhood journey and that is what makes this group of women so special. Never underestimate the power of a sisterhood of mommies because it definitely keeps you sane ESPECIALLY when your child is driving you crazy with her sleep strikes. 

Oh yes! What a tiring week it has been. The sleep strikes are back and yesterday I struggled with my 14month old and wrestled her to bed with lots of tears and sweat on both our parts. I may or maynot have snapped at her (okay, I did snap at her) but when she finally succumbed to the sandman (damn you sandman why are you late to the party?!) it was already 1AM and I haven't even had my bath and the dirty dishes are still in the sink. See what I mean about playing catch up? And I had grand plans on what to do with me-time once LittleLim went to bed. Clearly that didn't happen. 

What a waste because I suddenly felt a surge of creativity this week and really wanted to get back on the illustration bandwagon. StickgirlProductions has been idle for a long time now and recently I received an email asking if I would be back anytime soon. For some reason, I really wanted to take on the job but didn't have the confidence to do so especially since I haven't been doing any "serious" work since I got pregnant and even more so with child. I respectfully declined but instead of feeling sad, I am now very encouraged. I have given myself till June to test the waters by giving myself "fake" clients and pretend I'll be working to see how I cope between my art business and motherhood. Yesterday was day 1 and it was HARD. I struggled so much and only spent 30 minutes on it. It was a HUGE fail. I have so much more respect for moms who do this and take care of kids. How do you do it? I need tips!

I found it especially hard also because LittleLim has been extra clingy this week. She needs me ALL the time and she suddenly decided she hates playing by herself. So mommy is called to be her playmate which makes life difficult for me because I can't get anything done! The photo above was taken yesterday. I was exhausted and had to lie down. It was one of those moments where LittleLim was quiet and busy by herself. I didn't think too much of it (don't disrupt a good thing!) until it became REALLY quiet. I got up and saw the mess she created. Toys were literally EVERYWHERE! My first reaction like always would be to reprimand her for the mess and then start picking up after her, sometimes getting her to pick up after herself. But this time I stopped myself and watched my daughter having fun. So oblivious to the mess she made and happily playing without a care. Instead of scolding her or picking up after her, I decided to join in the mess. I lay down next to her and willingly became her accessory. It was such a lovely moment and a reminder that sometimes the mess is necessary to create lovely memories. 


That's my week in a nutshell. Thanks for reading! Let me know how your week went :)


(no highlights this week, I've been swamped and haven't been doing much web browsing)

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