Friday, 11 March 2016

LittleLim's Lookbook #2

Happy Friday and welcome LittleLim's Lookbook where I share LittleLim's outfits.

LittleLim's wardrobe is definitely more extravagant than mine and Hubbycat's combine with her Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren Baby, Zara Kids and MNG Kids to name a few. LittleLim is so blessed with generous aunties and uncles who spoil her with pretty clothes. Of course mommy does spend a bit on her wardrobe too. While LittleLim and I love our brands (nothing a pretty dress from Baby Gap can't cure right?!), on rare occasions there are pieces I stumble on online without the brands or expensive price tag that do take our breath away just as well.

One of my favourite places to find these gems is AliExpress because you can find all sorts of things there and at a reasonable price but of course at a risk. This little sunsuit (shop link below) was one of my latest purchases for LittleLim. There's something so free and whimsical about the floral print, the bare back and the little bubble bottom. Whenever I see these photos I can't help but think green grass, shady willow trees and a sun spots in the eyes. This came with a matching ribbon as well and paired with fringe sandals this is really perfect summer wear given it's light and airy material! While daddy deems this "too sexy", mommy loves it because it means a happier LittleLim who's not cranky from the Malaysian heat. 

Pictures Taken 1 / 3 / 2016

LittleLim Lookbook #2 Details:
Floral Sunsuit with matching hair bow : AliExpress
Fringe Sandals : ZaraKids

Websites: AliExpress | Zara Kids
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