Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Letter To My Daughter(s) on International Women's Day

Dearest LittleLim (and my future daughter(s))

Today is International Women's Day 2016 - a day where the world celebrates the achievement of women and hope for a world where there is no longer inequality or prejudice towards women. While gender may still be seen as a "category" or a way to "value" your worth - I want you to know that being born a female is not a handicap, disgrace or flaw and your value is not derived from whether you are a girl or a boy. I want you to know that being female doesn't limit your ability to be anything and anyone you want to be and it shouldn't stop you from living a full life, achieving all your dreams and being anything you want to be. 

I want you to always remember that it is never "what you do" that is important. It's never about whether you were born a girl or a boy, what you've achieved, where you've gone and how many jobs you've had - what matters? It's you. You matter. You don't need the fancy certs, the expensive things, the acceptance of others to define who you are. You are enough and you will always be enough. Your personality, character and values are what matters and these are the things that will bring meaning to the things you do.

I want you to know that there is no shame in being a woman. As a woman you have the ability to change the world, to be a great leader, a great mother, a great influence in your family and to society. You have the ability to leave a legacy that will live on and have a hand in raising the future generation. Be empowered as a woman. Be the best version of yourself and never let the fact that you are female hold you back. Demand to be treated equally as a human being and not because you are female, learn to use the resources given to you with wisdom, equip yourself with things that will improve your quality of life and yourself and be confident in yourself and your abilities. Be the version of the "perfect woman" you want to be and not what society deems it to be. Be you.

Darling(s), I pray that you know as a woman you are able to accomplish unimaginable things and be an unstoppable force. I pray that you become great stewards of God and live with a spirit of bravery, confidence, love and excellence. I hope you become pillars in your family, workforce, relationships and society with the knowledge that you are enough and that you love yourselves always. I thank God for you girl(s) everyday.

I love you.

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